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Letter from Onya

Dear Kenyans, I am from Cameroon. I want to write a letter to Kenyans as if I am living with you, which I am in […]

Letter from Muneeb

Dear People of Kenya, I am from Pakistan and it’s my pleasure to help my brothers and sisters of Kenya in their time of need. After studying the background of Kenya, I reached the conclusion that Pakistan has similar problems […]

Letter from Josh

Dear Kenyans, Kenya is a great nation! We are blessed to be in this nation. Our forefathers fought for our independence and left Kenya to […]

Letter from Omega

Dear Kenya: We have seen the Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group, former President of Ghana John Mahama come out in support of the electoral […]

Letter from Sher

Dear Kenyans: We urge every Kenyan even those who do not believe in the system and the leadership to go to the polls and vote […]