Letter from Josh

Dear Kenyans,

Kenya is a great nation! We are blessed to be in this nation. Our forefathers fought for our independence and left Kenya to grow to a first world country. Surprisingly the problems now continue to persist. It is bad leadership that has led to all these problems. We recently voted in leaders and voted out others. Following the nullification of election of the presidential election, we now have another chance to the ballot again. Let no one be used by the politicians to interfere with the will of the people. Our motherland has faced a lot of problems since independence which our leaders have failed to solve despite being in positions to do so.

Only a few and those in power have access good hospitals, schools, and the best public utilities at our expense. Politicians have misused the youth of this nations for their political ambitions –something we should condemn. Many have lost their lives In the name of elections, until when? Extra judicial executions have become the order of the day. The problems that we face in this nation need resilience and a brave approach.

No other will come to save us and we must take action or else peace, justice, strong  institutions, good health care services, free  fair and credible elections, quality education for all, gender equality, reformed police force, freedom from corruption, independence of the judiciary will never see the light of day. I know it is not easy for us to come out of our tribal cocoons but we can maintain a peaceful Kenya together. Our nation actually has only two tribes, the tribe of the rich and that of the poor. Which one do you belong to? The moment we as Kenyans will forgo the love of power for the power of love is the time we will know peace.

I urge you all to forget your tribal affiliations and come together as a nation so as to forge a progressive change for us and the future generation. What will we pass on to the future generation? As Kenyans, we have a choice to make our nation better, without using violence. Create a peaceful march. We don’t have to divide Kenya into tribal and ethnic small regions.  We can make it together as a nation. Enough is enough and the time is none other than NOW! Let’s all embrace change and lead a peaceful demonstration with no throwing of stones, no violence. Let us demand  the Kenya we want.