Kectil West Africa Regional Meeting

[custom_headline id=”” class=”” style=””]Accra, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria[/custom_headline]

The Kectil Program held Local “Meet and Greet Meetings” in West Africa Ghana (Oct 16) and Nigeria (Oct 20), 2018.

The local “Meet and Greet” events were held in Accra, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria. The events were not structured as conferences but instead provided an informal way to meet in person and have conversations. They were each scheduled at local hotels, where we will be available to meet for a half day.

The Kectil Colleagues present were provided with a forum to have engaging conversations with the Kectil Program Founder Sherry Knowles. The colleagues were also provided with a forum to discuss matters that concern youth, share issues and challenges facing youth in West Africa and brainstorm on possible solutions to this challenges. They also got to network with fellow Kectil Colleagues and Kectil Mentors.