Kectil Alumni Network

One of the most important aspects of The Kectil Program is the Kectil Alumni Network. The Program does not stop after the one year-web-based curriculum is completed. The Program understands that the best way to ensure the value of the Program is to continue to support the Kectil participants as they progress to realize their potential as community, civic and scholarly leaders.

The Alumni Kectil Network of high potential youth from developing countries grows bigger every year as the Kectil web-based Program graduates its annual class and integrates them into the Alumni Kectil Network. In this way, youth who are already Alumni will have the opportunity to mentor and support each class of Program graduates. The understanding and appreciation for the cultures of youth from various countries is invaluable and is an essential component of any youth leader’s perspective. The knowledge that you are “bigger than yourself” because you are embraced and supported by your peers in your country and other countries is central to your confidence to develop into the best leader you can be to make a positive difference in your community, country and world.