2000 Male Promise Keepers

2000 Male Promise Keepers!!

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program are excited to announce that the male pledges portal is now reopened! In 2019, we successfully reached the goal of attaining 1000 pledges with the support of 1000 brave males from 72 countries. We have been motivated to take this legacy up a notch by launching the “2000 Males Campaign”. Yes, we have decided to double the goal!

With more males involved in protecting females, the communities will indefinitely get better for everyone. With that belief, we ask men to stand up and act as “Promise Keepers” to take care of the girls and women in their society, to profess their commitment to the females at large, and to protect females against any forms of violence.

We call for males to take the following pledge:

  1. When you see a female you find atractive, you must ask yourself this VERY important question. “If I am with this female and she gets pregnant, would I be willing to take care of her and the baby with a full commitment?” If the answer is no, then put your hands in your pocket and walk away.
  2. I agree not to hit or physically attack a female.
  3. I agree to keep my eyes open as a protector to identify situations in which a female is at risk and will try to take reasonable steps to help if possible.
  4. I will encourage other males to take the Kectil Promise Leaders Pledge.
    If you have already participated in “1000 Males Campaign”, we encourage you to continue the pledge at the website and keep up your mission of protecting females you took up and share the message to other men.
    If you have not, please do now!
    One man can’t make a change, but together we can definitely bring a better world for our females, girls, our future daughters and granddaughters.

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352 signatures = 35% of goal

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Latest Signatures
352 Mr. Alibek Akbaraliev Uzbekistan Jan 22, 2022
351 Mr. Praveen Raj Boggala India no. eager to be a part in Kectil. Jan 21, 2022
350 Mr. Abdul Khalique Awan Pakistan No, not yet but I aspire to become one of them Jan 19, 2022
349 Ms. Aditya Pandit India Yes Jan 02, 2022
348 Ms. Chandana Maney India No Jan 02, 2022
347 Mr. Mubarak Umar Nigeria No, not yet but I aspire to become one of them. Dec 31, 2021
346 Mr. Ache-Albert Khadjiev Kazakhstan No Dec 07, 2021
345 Ms. Ache-Albert Khadjiev Kazakhstan no Dec 07, 2021
344 Ms. Akullu Harriet Uganda Yes Nov 15, 2021
343 Mr. walter okwanga Uganda Yes- currently Nov 15, 2021
342 Miss. Iroda Bolliyeva Uzbekistan No Nov 15, 2021
341 Mr. HEMANTH ABHIRAM SOMARAJU India No Nov 13, 2021
340 Mr. Junaid Hasan Pakistan No, its my first time in KECTIL. Nov 13, 2021
339 Ms. Effie Ochieng Kenya Nov 10, 2021
338 Mr. Durgaprasad G India Nov 09, 2021
337 Ms. Nang Hlaing Hlaing Oo ?? Nov 08, 2021
336 Ms. Theint Lei Lei Swe Myanmar Nov 08, 2021
335 Mr. Farzon Shomurodzoda Tajikistan No i have not. It is my first time ever in this program. Nov 03, 2021
334 Ms. manpreet kaur India no Oct 28, 2021
333 Ms. Guljan Eldiyarova Kyrgyzstan Oct 25, 2021
332 Ms. eliuda philipus Namibia Oct 19, 2021
331 Mr. Kevin Barkokwet Kenya No Oct 18, 2021
330 Ms. Mohigul Maxamatumarova Uzbekistan Oct 17, 2021
329 Mr. Babangida Bakoji Nigeria No Oct 15, 2021
328 Mx. Hassan Abubakar Muhammad Nigeria No Oct 14, 2021
327 Mr. MOHAMMED Al kabous Yemen Oct 11, 2021
326 Ms. Gourav Chahal India no Oct 07, 2021
325 Ms. Sahir Iqbal Pakistan Oct 04, 2021
324 Ms. Ailing Katherine Palmera Amaya Colombia No. Oct 03, 2021
323 Ms. Juliette ZABA Burkina Faso Oct 01, 2021
322 Ms. Mihret Nigatu Ethiopia No Oct 01, 2021
321 Mr. OLUWAFERANMI OLADEPO Nigeria Sep 30, 2021
320 Ms. Hritik Jaipuriya India no Sep 30, 2021
319 Mr. Raj Tandel India No Sep 29, 2021
318 Ms. Rajaswini Pathak India No Sep 29, 2021
317 Ms. Paurnima Patil India No Sep 28, 2021
316 Ms. Samay BV India No Sep 28, 2021
315 Mr. Parv Sharma India no Sep 28, 2021
314 Mr. Rishab Agarwal India India Sep 28, 2021
313 Mr. jaswanth Kumar India no Sep 28, 2021
312 Ms. Mursal idriss Kome Sudan Sep 21, 2021
311 Ms. Musin Khamis Sudan No Sep 21, 2021
310 Ms. Bekele Nesibu Ethiopia Ethiopia Sep 19, 2021
309 Ms. Yidnekachew Solomon Haile Falkland Islands No Sep 19, 2021
308 Mr. Oluwatosin Olasusi Nigeria Sep 16, 2021
307 Ms. Vishal Veerwani Pakistan Sep 15, 2021
306 Miss. MARION ANONG Cameroon i have never been Sep 15, 2021
305 Ms. Duncan Munakabayo Zambia No Aug 31, 2021
304 Mr. Samsaam Ali Baig Pakistan No Aug 25, 2021
303 Ms. Sabiu Nuhu Nigeria No Aug 07, 2021