Kectil India Local Meeting

[custom_headline id=”” class=”” style=””]Delhi, India[/custom_headline]

The Kectil Program held a Local Meet and Greet in Delhi, India on November 14th and 15th.

The Kectil meeting was held in conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Forum, which the Kectil Program Founder Sherry Knowles was speaking at. The Kectil Colleagues were also able to go to some of the presentations at the conference, along with hundreds of attendees. It was a very interesting training to watch and listen to experts speak about a range of topics. The conference also gave Sherry 5-10 minutes to introduce the Kectil Program to the full room of attendees. You can go to the website to learn more about the World IP Forum Conference.

The Colleagues had a full day of listening to and interacting with experts from around the world in subjects of innovation, entrepreneurship and business issues. They spent the second day in small group discussions with Sherry Knowles and Kectil Colleagues to discuss about issues affecting youth in India and Nepal and what possible solutions there are to these challenges. They had plenty of time to discuss issues that matter, network and have one-on-one sessions with Sherry.