2000 Male Promise Keepers

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program are excited to celebrate the success of the 1000 Male Promise Keepers campaign! Because of this, we are adding another goal of 1000 to our campaign!

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Dreams Alive (Kectil Dreams) by Ajauwa Ifedayo fadairo

We are so proud to announce our Kectil Theme Song, which is the brainchild of Ajauwa Ifedayo Fadairo of Akure, Nigeria. Ajauwa started singing at a very early age in the choir, and has always had a drive and passion for music, specifically to use it as a tool for enlightenment and awareness. Ajauwa tells us that the proposed theme song was inspired by our Kectil Program. He thought of composing a theme song that youth all over the world can relate to as a means of inspiration to achieving our dreams and to network with each other, using the multi-cultural Kectil Program as our platform. The song was composed within two weeks at home, the female back-up was done by his two sisters Ajauwa Monisola Fadairo and Ajauwa Funmilola Fadairo, and the male back-up was done by his cousin Adeyoyenu Oluwasegun.

The song was produced in live production at the Sophia Studios, Akure Nigeria, organized by Ajauwa. The studio instrumentalists were added to do justice to the song, using keyboard, guitar and drum.

Let’s give a shout-out to all of the performers:

Lead singer,composer, writer- Ajauwa Ifedayo fadairo
Back up singer 1- Ajauwa monisola Fadairo
Back up singer 2- Ajauwa fumilola Fadairo
Back up singer 3- Adeyoyenu oluwasegun micheal
Pianist- Dr. Sam Adewuyi
Bassist- Olamuyiwa Olawale
Drummer- Ojo Babatunde
Producer- Dr. Sam Adewuyi
Mix Engineer- Olamuyiwa Olawale
Executive Producer- Gbenga Olajide.

This Kectil Theme Song will be performed LIVE by the artists at the upcoming Kectil local meeting in Lagos Nigeria!

The song has been copyrighted to The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation with license by appreciation to the performers to play and celebrate at will! Thank you for this wonderful gift to Kectil.


2000 Male Promise Keepers!!

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program are excited to announce that the male pledges portal is now reopened! In 2019, we successfully reached the goal of attaining 1000 pledges with the support of 1000 brave males from 72 countries. We have been motivated to take this legacy up a notch by launching the “2000 Males Campaign”. Yes, we have decided to double the goal!

With more males involved in protecting females, the communities will indefinitely get better for everyone. With that belief, we ask men to stand up and act as “Promise Keepers” to take care of the girls and women in their society, to profess their commitment to the females at large, and to protect females against any forms of violence.

We call for males to take the following pledge:

  1. When you see a female you find atractive, you must ask yourself this VERY important question. “If I am with this female and she gets pregnant, would I be willing to take care of her and the baby with a full commitment?” If the answer is no, then put your hands in your pocket and walk away.
  2. I agree not to hit or physically attack a female.
  3. I agree to keep my eyes open as a protector to identify situations in which a female is at risk and will try to take reasonable steps to help if possible.
  4. I will encourage other males to take the Kectil Promise Leaders Pledge.
    If you have already participated in “1000 Males Campaign”, we encourage you to continue the pledge at the website and keep up your mission of protecting females you took up and share the message to other men.
    If you have not, please do now!
    One man can’t make a change, but together we can definitely bring a better world for our females, girls, our future daughters and granddaughters.

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296 signatures = 30% of goal

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Latest Signatures
296 Ms. Ottis Reinger United States Minor Outlying Islands circuit Jun 10, 2021
295 Ms. Ochiechieveshio Ayala Nigeria No Jun 05, 2021
294 Mr. Francis Lopeyok Uganda Yes, I signed and committed to the 1000 male promise pledge and I want to renew it again hear. I felt changed and gained great respect from females and I have been supportive to them in many ways Jun 02, 2021
293 Mr. Sami ur Rehman Pakistan No May 30, 2021
292 Mr. JACK MAYENGA Kenya Previosly May 29, 2021
291 Mr. Victor Bonyo Kenya No May 27, 2021
290 Mr. Stephen Lee South Africa Not yet May 27, 2021
289 Mr. Jude Lambda Uganda No May 19, 2021
288 Ms. Hicham Chami Algeria No Apr 30, 2021
287 Mr. Chirag Patil India no Apr 27, 2021
286 Mr Lawal Fawaz Nigeria No Apr 23, 2021
285 Mr Lawal Kamil Nigeria No Apr 22, 2021
284 Ms Missouri Will United States Minor Outlying Islands exploit Nov 14, 2020
283 Mr Matthew T. Toe Liberia No Nov 08, 2020
282 Mr Wala Gloulou Tunisia NO Nov 08, 2020
281 Ms Demarco Glover United States Minor Outlying Islands Regional Nov 03, 2020
280 Ms Presley Crooks United States Minor Outlying Islands attitude Nov 02, 2020
279 Ms Titus muimi Kenya Noo Nov 02, 2020
278 Mr Norman Julu Uganda Yes, i am currently a Kectil colleague Nov 01, 2020
277 Ms Diego Huel United States Minor Outlying Islands EXE Oct 30, 2020
276 Ms Bonnie Bernhard United States Minor Outlying Islands Generic Cotton Chips Oct 29, 2020
275 Ms Nicholaus Reynolds United States Minor Outlying Islands solutions Oct 28, 2020
274 Ms Aileen Johnson United States Minor Outlying Islands Panama Oct 25, 2020
273 Mr Hossam Nasr Egypt no Oct 23, 2020
272 Mr Rodgers Adonda Kenya No Oct 20, 2020
271 Ms Rollin Johnson United States Minor Outlying Islands Gloves Oct 20, 2020
270 Ms Nova Kohler United States Minor Outlying Islands attitude-oriented Oct 18, 2020
269 Mr Musa Dikko Amshi Nigeria No Oct 18, 2020
268 Mr Mostafa Hawas Egypt Yes Oct 17, 2020
267 Ms Uchenna Okoro Nigeria No Oct 17, 2020
266 Mr Saviour Onwudiwe Nigeria no Oct 16, 2020
265 Mr Oluwatobiloba Adebayo Nigeria No Oct 15, 2020
264 Mr SAMUEL NDUNG'U Kenya NO Oct 12, 2020
263 Mr Ashutosh Dubey India Yes Oct 11, 2020
262 Ms Muhammad Anas Pakistan No Oct 03, 2020
261 Mr Ilim Mule Nigeria No Oct 01, 2020
260 Ms Zakir Hussain Pakistan Yes Sep 28, 2020
259 Mr Musa Kebiru Joseph Nigeria No Sep 24, 2020
258 Ms Fakiha Johar India No Sep 23, 2020
257 Mr STEPHEN NDERITU Kenya no Sep 22, 2020
256 Mr Frank Apiyo Kenya Yes Sep 20, 2020
255 Miss Fatoumatta S Jammeh Gambia No I’ve never been to Kectil College Sep 18, 2020
254 Mr Benaiah Mulima Zambia No Sep 09, 2020
253 Mr Umar Basharat Pakistan N/A Sep 08, 2020
252 Mr Sean Harmon Guyana No Sep 08, 2020
251 Mr Mbonjo Ridley Bobuin Cameroon Yes Sep 08, 2020
250 Mr Prince Amegashiti Ghana No Sep 08, 2020
249 Mr Gifty Akemkwene Uganda Sep 08, 2020
248 Mr Wasi Qaderi Afghanistan KECTIL member for 2020-21 Sep 08, 2020
247 Mr ABRAMO PATRICK OPIYA Uganda Yes, I am currently a Kectil colleague undertaking the 2020 leadership training. Sep 08, 2020