2000 Male Promise Keepers

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program are excited to celebrate the success of the 1000 Male Promise Keepers campaign! Because of this, we are adding another goal of 1000 to our campaign!

What Is Kectil?

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Dreams Alive (Kectil Dreams) by Ajauwa Ifedayo fadairo

We are so proud to announce our Kectil Theme Song, which is the brainchild of Ajauwa Ifedayo Fadairo of Akure, Nigeria. Ajauwa started singing at a very early age in the choir, and has always had a drive and passion for music, specifically to use it as a tool for enlightenment and awareness. Ajauwa tells us that the proposed theme song was inspired by our Kectil Program. He thought of composing a theme song that youth all over the world can relate to as a means of inspiration to achieving our dreams and to network with each other, using the multi-cultural Kectil Program as our platform. The song was composed within two weeks at home, the female back-up was done by his two sisters Ajauwa Monisola Fadairo and Ajauwa Funmilola Fadairo, and the male back-up was done by his cousin Adeyoyenu Oluwasegun.

The song was produced in live production at the Sophia Studios, Akure Nigeria, organized by Ajauwa. The studio instrumentalists were added to do justice to the song, using keyboard, guitar and drum.

Let’s give a shout-out to all of the performers:

Lead singer,composer, writer- Ajauwa Ifedayo fadairo
Back up singer 1- Ajauwa monisola Fadairo
Back up singer 2- Ajauwa fumilola Fadairo
Back up singer 3- Adeyoyenu oluwasegun micheal
Pianist- Dr. Sam Adewuyi
Bassist- Olamuyiwa Olawale
Drummer- Ojo Babatunde
Producer- Dr. Sam Adewuyi
Mix Engineer- Olamuyiwa Olawale
Executive Producer- Gbenga Olajide.

This Kectil Theme Song will be performed LIVE by the artists at the upcoming Kectil local meeting in Lagos Nigeria!

The song has been copyrighted to The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation with license by appreciation to the performers to play and celebrate at will! Thank you for this wonderful gift to Kectil.


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