Letter from Muneeb

Dear People of Kenya,

I am from Pakistan and it’s my pleasure to help my brothers and sisters of Kenya in their time of need. After studying the background of Kenya, I reached the conclusion that Pakistan has similar problems as Kenya. In the case of Pakistan, the political divide is based on provinces and not tribes as it is in Kenya. Depending on which party is in power the coin flips to favor the provinces that are associated with the party in power.

Another major problem is the quota system of employment in Pakistan. This system is to ensure fairness, equal opportunity, and fair representation of all the provinces. The downside is that an unqualified person could get a job instead of a qualified person from another province. These are few reasons why Pakistan is still not a developed country which is similar to tribalism in Kenya.

In my opinion, the people of Kenya want to see change. A country can’t progress with tribal divisions because when one tribe is in power it employs only it’s tribe’s men even if they are unqualified for the job. This leads to waste of talent from the other tribes. Like Pakistan, Kenya got their independence from the United Kingdom and should be able to change their mindsets and ways without any external pressure and interference from its neighbors. Kenya should also be able to run free and fair elections. If this can be achieved the people will begin to unite and look beyond the tribal differences which will lead to the development of the nation.

Kenya hasn’t played cricket on the world stage for a very long time but once the system of governance is corrected it will boost the game of cricket again.   We must learn from the novel “Divergent” that dividing people into groups is not a solution but a problem. It is important to give people freedom.

Because once people raise their voice against a corrupt system and demand change and if the government in power does not respond favorably it retards the growth of the country. That is why the marginalized tribes in Kenya are demanding for a separate country where they will have their rights and freedom. Kenya will progress and develop if they correct the system of government, eradicate corruption, and allow the rule of law to work.

My message to you Kenyans is to be patriotic and do not focus on your differences but instead merge as one strong nation, united with one voice for the growth and development of your homeland because it takes unity to achieve a common purpose.

I entreat Kenya to abide by the new constitution and it is the duty of Government and the Judiciary to enforce the laws of the land. Citizens who flout these laws must be punished, regardless of their political position. Like in China and Korea where presidents have been jailed when found guilty of corruption. Nobody should be above the law. This is not only for Kenya, but all other countries as well.

As the Kenya Supreme Court has ordered for a new election, it is important that a transparent system is put in place to hold a free and fair election. The only people to do this effectively is the Kenyans themselves supervised by the Supreme Court. Election monitors must have fair representation of all tribes who must be well trained and abide by the rules of the election and the constitution. International observers can also help in monitoring to make sure the process is free and fair devoid of corruption.

If I were the leader of Government I would uphold the constitution and all laws governing a transparent, free, and fair election by including everyone and all tribes. Because as a leader of Kenya I do not represent one tribe but all Kenyans. My duty as a leader is to seek the progress, development, and peace of Kenya by working with all stakeholders for a free and fair election. If there is a report of rigging after the election I will make sure to employ all lawful means to investigate it and allow the law to take its course without fear or favor and regardless of tribe. As a nation, it is very important to learn from our mistakes by paying attention to feedback as it helps to carry out a review or amendment of the constitution and laws when necessary to improve the election process.

Social Media is a great tool to use in the education and sensitization of the people of Kenya. It has been tried and tested in Pakistan and it proved to be very useful. The media’s role is to educate the youth on issues of governance and the election process. The median age of Kenyans is 19 years. At this age, the youth are not matured or experienced to be in the leadership of a country. The youth must be empowered and motivated to attain higher education and to hold their leaders accountable. Education is a key to development, mitigating conflicts and keeping the youth engaged and empowered.

I do not support the idea of splitting Kenya into two different countries on the grounds of tribalism. Even though some other countries have split and are doing well, it is not the best solution to the Kenya problem. The issues of natural resources and security becomes a challenge. In the case of Kenya the best solution is education, promotion of unity, and fair representation of all tribes in government. This can be achieve through moral and ethical leadership, accountability, eradication of corruption and allowing the rule of law to work.

Good luck to Kenya and thank you!