Letter from Onya

Dear Kenyans,

I am from Cameroon. I want to write a letter to Kenyans as if I am living with you, which I am in spirit.

My fellow people, August 2017, has turned out to be a great historic day for us Kenyans, as we celebrate the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court who has annulled the Presidential elections on grounds that there were “irregularities.” This historic event marks the first time that the Supreme Court has taken a bold step to exercise justice.

I am proud of the Chief Justice. I am proud that the Chief Judge stood up for what the people stood for and the future he wanted for all our children. It is a great opportunity for me to go all over Kenya to tell people about the person we know and love. The Kenya people have grown tired of the same political atmosphere. Voters want something new that can bring change to the country. I promise to assist the Kenya youth to grow and develop into meaningful leaders, by empowering them, and aligning the goals of the individual according to their needs. I possess the personal characteristics and ability to do so. I know and understand that there is a strong desire by many citizens for change in leadership. And for these change to come, we need to change a number of things such as providing affordable housing scheme and improving on our economy.

The youth want a leader who can inspire them and who is a leader with a clear vision. This is exactly what the President should do. This is what I would do as President. I will give the young people the opportunities they’ve been longing for. I must assure the people that one of my first priorities after getting into office is to tackle the financial crisis we have been dragged into. I think we have to push money into the economy where it is needed the most. I promise that I will make the economic life better in my first four years in office. I believe we should bring the change which the Kenyan people have been looking for.

It is important to mention that whether you voted for the President or not, you are all Kenyans and no one should be left out and abandoned along the way. We are all in one ship and believe we shall all arrive safely. We all need change from a country of slavery to a country where the right thinking man could be elected President. We all need change from a broken country. We need change that will transform the middle-class and low-income Kenyans, by giving them jobs, that will take them out of poverty, and inequality. We need to provide affordable health care, and ensure everyone has food on their table. With God on our side, all of these will be accomplished.


Thank you very much.