Males as Promise Leaders Pledge

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2000 Male Promise Keepers!!

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program are excited to announce that the male pledges portal is now reopened! In 2019, we successfully reached the goal of attaining 1000 pledges with the support of 1000 brave males from 72 countries. We have been motivated to take this legacy up a notch by launching the “2000 Males Campaign”. Yes, we have decided to double the goal!

With more males involved in protecting females, the communities will indefinitely get better for everyone. With that belief, we ask men to stand up and act as “Promise Keepers” to take care of the girls and women in their society, to profess their commitment to the females at large, and to protect females against any forms of violence.

We call for males to take the following pledge:

  1. When you see a female you find atractive, you must ask yourself this VERY important question. “If I am with this female and she gets pregnant, would I be willing to take care of her and the baby with a full commitment?” If the answer is no, then put your hands in your pocket and walk away.
  2. I agree not to hit or physically attack a female.
  3. I agree to keep my eyes open as a protector to identify situations in which a female is at risk and will try to take reasonable steps to help if possible.
  4. I will encourage other males to take the Kectil Promise Leaders Pledge.
    If you have already participated in “1000 Males Campaign”, we encourage you to continue the pledge at the website and keep up your mission of protecting females you took up and share the message to other men.
    If you have not, please do now!
    One man can’t make a change, but together we can definitely bring a better world for our females, girls, our future daughters and granddaughters.

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1,072 signatures = 107% of goal

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Latest Signatures
1,072 Mr. Zaheer Abbass Pakistan Yes Apr 06, 2024
1,071 Mr. Solomon Giriha Papua New Guinea Yes Mar 27, 2024
1,070 Mr. Kim ROARY Papua New Guinea Current Kectil Collogue Mar 25, 2024
1,069 Mr. ADEBOLA BELLO Nigeria I am a Kectil Colleague Presently Mar 25, 2024
1,068 Mr. Basel Bamarhool Yemen Yes Mar 25, 2024
1,067 Ms. SULEMAN AHMAD Pakistan Yes Mar 24, 2024
1,066 Mr. Mohammad kazalihu Jalloh Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Mar 16, 2024
1,065 Ms. Victor Phiri Zambia I am a Kectil Colleague. Mar 15, 2024
1,064 Mr. Jeremiah Lafanama Papua New Guinea No Mar 11, 2024
1,063 Mr. Joshua Ayodele Nigeria Am Currently as fellow. Mar 11, 2024
1,062 Mr. Libinson Davis India no Mar 11, 2024
1,061 Mr. Jake Namtane Sare Papua New Guinea No. Mar 11, 2024
1,060 Mr. Ayman Almoneafy Yemen Mar 09, 2024
1,059 Ms. Umaru Morison Sierra Leone Yes Mar 06, 2024
1,058 Mr. Ochieng Stanley Uganda No Mar 05, 2024
1,057 Ms. Ryan Nkosilati Malambo Zambia No Mar 04, 2024
1,056 Ms. Joyce Kalaba Zambia No Mar 04, 2024
1,055 Mr. Hassan Hindolo Senesie Sierra Leone Mar 03, 2024
1,054 Mr. Bockarie Ibrahim Saccoh Sierra Leone No Mar 03, 2024
1,053 Ms. Alie Osman Alie Sierra Leone Yes Mar 03, 2024
1,052 Ms. Lahai Osman Alie Sierra Leone No Mar 03, 2024
1,051 Mr. Allieu Fodie Brima Saccoh Sierra Leone Yes Mar 03, 2024
1,050 Mr. Hamid Emmanuel Kamara Sierra Leone No Mar 03, 2024
1,049 Ms. Leslye Pricyla Garcia Alberca ?? Mar 01, 2024
1,048 Ms. Kemeriya Sherefa Ethiopia Mar 01, 2024
1,047 Mr. Workineh Simachew Ethiopia No Feb 23, 2024
1,046 Ms. Iyabo Olatundun Alade Nigeria Current Kectil colleague Feb 21, 2024
1,045 Mr. Danny Mulyansalu Zambia Feb 17, 2024
1,044 Mr. Charwie Kubili Papua New Guinea Yes Feb 16, 2024
1,043 Ms. Merry Firdissa Ethiopia Kectil 2024 colleague Feb 09, 2024
1,042 Mr. Sayed Haseebullah Sadat Afghanistan Feb 06, 2024
1,041 Ms. BIRUK DEMISSIE Ethiopia yes Feb 06, 2024
1,040 Ms. Mohammed Abdurehman Umar Ethiopia 2024 Feb 06, 2024
1,039 Mr. Ghulam Qadir Pakistan No Feb 06, 2024
1,038 Ms. Nimra Imran Pakistan Yes Feb 06, 2024
1,037 Mr. Pondermost Khongkliam India No Feb 05, 2024
1,036 Mr. MAISON MUTAMBO Zambia currently Feb 05, 2024
1,035 Mr. Kenneth Bidan Kenya No Feb 05, 2024
1,034 Mr. Ahmad Seyer Nazari Afghanistan Yes Jan 30, 2024
1,033 Mr. Timothy Isaac Papua New Guinea Jan 16, 2024
1,032 Mr. Bradley Sinzole Kenya No Jan 16, 2024
1,031 Mr. Mohamed Omer Sudan No Jan 14, 2024
1,030 Ms. ben Kalizo Kenya No Jan 13, 2024
1,029 Ms. Denver Wekesa Kenya No Jan 08, 2024
1,028 Mr. Aziz qasemi Afghanistan Jan 06, 2024
1,027 Mr. Stephen Maina Kenya Jan 05, 2024
1,026 Mr. Kashif Raza Pakistan Pakistan Jan 04, 2024
1,025 Mr. Muhammad Umair Sharif Pakistan I'm currently in Kectil Program. Jan 03, 2024
1,024 Ms. khalid chihab Morocco Maroc Jan 03, 2024
1,023 Ms. Elizabeth Beatus Tanzania Yes Jan 03, 2024