Males as Promise Leaders Pledge

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2000 Male Promise Keepers!!

The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation and The Kectil Program are excited to announce that the male pledges portal is now reopened! In 2019, we successfully reached the goal of attaining 1000 pledges with the support of 1000 brave males from 72 countries. We have been motivated to take this legacy up a notch by launching the “2000 Males Campaign”. Yes, we have decided to double the goal!

With more males involved in protecting females, the communities will indefinitely get better for everyone. With that belief, we ask men to stand up and act as “Promise Keepers” to take care of the girls and women in their society, to profess their commitment to the females at large, and to protect females against any forms of violence.

We call for males to take the following pledge:

  1. When you see a female you find atractive, you must ask yourself this VERY important question. “If I am with this female and she gets pregnant, would I be willing to take care of her and the baby with a full commitment?” If the answer is no, then put your hands in your pocket and walk away.
  2. I agree not to hit or physically attack a female.
  3. I agree to keep my eyes open as a protector to identify situations in which a female is at risk and will try to take reasonable steps to help if possible.
  4. I will encourage other males to take the Kectil Promise Leaders Pledge.
    If you have already participated in “1000 Males Campaign”, we encourage you to continue the pledge at the website and keep up your mission of protecting females you took up and share the message to other men.
    If you have not, please do now!
    One man can’t make a change, but together we can definitely bring a better world for our females, girls, our future daughters and granddaughters.

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499 signatures = 50% of goal

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Latest Signatures
499 Ms. Vishal Alladi India No Nov 26, 2022
498 Ms. Isatu Conteh Sierra Leone Nov 26, 2022
497 Mr. Adaji Israel Ochola Nigeria Currently Nov 26, 2022
496 Miss. Kunda Saka Zambia No Nov 25, 2022
495 Mr. Dushimimaa christopher Rwanda no Nov 25, 2022
494 Ms. Jalloh Usman Canada Nov 24, 2022
493 Ms. Mr Samuel saffa Jambawai Sierra Leone No Nov 24, 2022
492 Mr. Swarray Alpha Sierra Leone Nov 24, 2022
491 Mr. AbuBakarr Turay Sierra Leone Nov 24, 2022
490 Ms. IRADUKIZA JOSEPH Rwanda no Nov 23, 2022
489 Ms. Irin Sunny Thekkekara India Currently Nov 22, 2022
488 Ms. Sivamohan sivaraj India No Nov 20, 2022
487 Mr. Ayuob T. Saif Ahmed Yemen انا جديد وهذا وعدي اقطعه الان وسالتزم به ماحييت Nov 20, 2022
486 Miss. Uche Chinecherem Nigeria No Nov 20, 2022
485 Ms. Samayamanthula Hema Sadguna Vikram India Nov 19, 2022
484 Mr. Chilekwa Harry Samangwe Zambia No. I am still waiting for my application to be processed Nov 18, 2022
483 Ms. Mohamed Fahadh India No Nov 18, 2022
482 Mr. Vansh Gupta India no Nov 17, 2022
481 Ms. Mani Bharathi G India No Nov 17, 2022
480 Mr. Utkarsh YADAV India No Nov 17, 2022
479 Dr. Ajay Kumar Dwivedi India No, I want to be. Nov 17, 2022
478 Mr. Junaid Hussain Pakistan Nov 17, 2022
477 Ms. Daniel Bobb Sierra Leone Nov 16, 2022
476 Ms. Suhrob Umarov Tajikistan No Nov 16, 2022
475 Ms. Raymonda Roberts Sierra Leone Nov 15, 2022
474 Mr. DENNIS Augustine Sesay Sierra Leone No Nov 15, 2022
473 Mr. Alpha Kargbo Sierra Leone No Nov 15, 2022
472 Miss. Isatu M Bah Sierra Leone No Nov 15, 2022
471 Ms. Fatmata Binta Shaw Sierra Leone No Nov 15, 2022
470 Ms. JAYAH MAADA Musa Sierra Leone No Nov 15, 2022
469 Ms. Isaac m Sillah Sierra Leone Nov 15, 2022
468 Ms. Aida Toleuova Kazakhstan No Nov 15, 2022
467 Mr. James kuma Fornah Sierra Leone Nov 11, 2022
466 Mr. Anurag Singh India Nov 11, 2022
465 Mr. Justin Vohod Cameroon Non Nov 10, 2022
464 Ms. Muhumuza David Uganda No, I want to be! Nov 09, 2022
463 Miss. Manora Saburova Uzbekistan No, I have never Nov 09, 2022
462 Mr. JOSEPH RUGEMANDINZI Rwanda No Nov 08, 2022
461 Ms. Suhail Rahiman India Nov 07, 2022
460 Mr. Sujith Suresh Germany Nov 07, 2022
459 Mr. Jithun Be yourself India Nov 07, 2022
458 Ms. Ashwin Johnson India Nov 07, 2022
457 Ms. Samuel Chilawa Zambia No Nov 06, 2022
456 Mr. Joel Adams South Africa no Nov 06, 2022
455 Ms. KASONGO GIFT Zambia No Nov 06, 2022
454 Mr. issah alhassan Ghana Not yet Nov 03, 2022
453 Miss. Ogbaro Ayomide Nigeria No Nov 01, 2022
452 Mr. Olubode Kayode Nigeria No Oct 31, 2022
451 Mr. IDIAO JAMES Uganda Yes Oct 31, 2022
450 Ms. Зарина Мамажанова Kyrgyzstan Нет Oct 30, 2022