To the world I may be a female of generation Z, but I, Ramsha Iftikhar can proudly say I belong to the Kectil Generation. I am a 2018 Kectil Colleague and currently a part of Kectil family as one of the Pakistan Regional group coordinators.

We are defined by our actions not by the era we are born. Kectil Generation are youth who have risen above all the discrimination of this era. We are from different countries, culture, religion and of different race but have respect for each other. Goodness! The positive things about us are contagious, and it transfers from generation to generation as a chain and we believe it.

My life goal is to bring change to Pakistan. I daily experience the challenges in Pakistan and I want to provide the solution to those needs and problems. I choose to inspire the next generation with my educational and leadership skills. This may help them transform their life and to make a difference in their community through training, motivation, support and guidance which are the main missing factors in Pakistan’s educational system. I intend to inspire growth, morality and financial independence. I want to create opportunities for the youth to thrive. This will make me feel satisfied that I have played my part for the development of Pakistan.

  1. I recently reviewed the Global Environment Outlook-6 for youth by UN environment report that is specially designed for the youth. Some more relevant information has been added. I think it is necessary for the youth irrespective of the area they live to aspire to attain a sustainable future and environment, by adopting strategies that can help attain development. Moreover, Pakistan is facing a grave situation which can lead to water scarcity in the future. This may have adverse impact on agriculture and ultimately the economy of Pakistan. There is the need to understand the importance of water and plant conservation.
  2. Education is the main factor that can bring about change in a nation. I will continue to strive for good education and to accomplish my goal, I will use social media platforms to engage with more than 3000+ youth of Pakistan. I will provide them with a complete guide for the resources available and the tips to access them. I will also organize training for the youth and children in

All I need to achieve my dreams and make it a reality is confidence and improve my skills gained from the Kectil Program. Thank you Kectil!