What’s the Big Reveal??

We are branding a new Generation!


The Kectil Generation

Positive. Change.


                                        Millennial or Gen Y                                                                                                   Gen Z

                                born between 1980 and 1994                                                                      born between 1995-2015


Imagine the KECTIL Generation….


We are youth not defined by the year we were born. We are defined by our focus on a future that demands our attention. We are the youth leaders of Developing Countries. Together as a global team we are called to change our communities for the better. And we have the strength to do it.



  1. Positivity begins with ourselves. Self-confidence starts by finding our inner strength. This inner strength makes us ready to change the world around us.
  2. We train our minds by learning as much as possible about the world we live in. We read and study purposefully. We look at all angles and consider all views with respect. We absorb information and then check it for accuracy or bias.
  3. We are honest and reliable.
  4. We treat everyone with kindness and compassion, especially when we disagree.
  5. We are positive role models for both the old and the young.
  6. We each contribute our own special skills to the goal and look for others who can contribute as well. It is together that we form the necessary whole.
  7. We abide by the Kectil Code to equally respect everyone regardless of nationality, religion, culture, ethnicity or gender.
  8. We know we will be successful because we have to be. We will not settle for less.


  1. We demand good honest government.
  2. We reject and expose corruption. Corruption has devastating effects on Youth and it has to stop.
  3. We, as Males being Promise Leaders and Females also doing their part, will support and encourage each other’s well-being through respect and encouragement.
  4. We fight for the improvement of our environment, from small tasks such as picking up garbage, to living a sustainable lifestyle to tackling large waste projects.
  5. We acknowledge the problem of overpopulation and disproportionate growth in developing countries, and we study its projected effects on our future.
  6. We innovate and create using the best of our talents to improve the quality of life.
  7. We strongly reject prejudices and hatred based on nationality, religion, culture, ethnicities, social position and gender, which have been imposed on us. We accept everyone and expect the same from them.
  8. We reach out to youth in other countries to create the global network for change. We commit to forming life-long unbreakable bonds. And we commit our support.



Persistent. Courageous.

Present. Considerate.

Personal. Contagious.

Pure. Compassionate.

Powerful. Community.


Are you part of the Kectil Generation?

Stay tuned for real-world examples of the Kectil Generation. We will be highlighting stories of KG Youth in Action! If you have a story and want to be highlighted, please send to We will accept stories about (i) youth from nations, religions, cultures, or ethnicities in dispute who have become supportive friends toward a common goal in Action or (ii) Youth in Action that reflect either the Positive or the Change of the Kectil Generation.


It’s happening….

Not just talk.  Action.