The Kectil Team visits Saint Lucia!

The Kectil Program started the organization of its first Caribbean local meeting! The excitement is growing! It is anticipated for the third week of October 2019. The Kectil Program Founder Sherry Knowles was accompanied by Guguni Nyabade from Kenya for a 3-day site visit last weekend. They were received by Saint Lucian Kectil colleagues David Henry and Jasmine Francois who both are active youth leaders in the Caribbean.

On Friday, Ms. Knowles and Mr. Guguni met with the Prime Minister, Hon. Allen Michael Chastanet, for a discussion about youth projects in Saint Lucia and how the Kectil Conference can assist with youth mentoring and networking. They also met with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Edmund Estephane. They discussed cooperation between the Department of Youth and Sports to promote youth development on the island. We are pleased to report that both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Youth are enthusiastic about the conference.

On Saturday, the Governor General of Saint Lucia, His Excellency Sir Neville Cenac, hosted Ms. Knowles and Mr. Guguni at his beautiful government residence mansion in Castries, the capital. The Governor General shared his passion for promoting youth leadership and innovation including stories of innovative young people on the island providing creative local solutions.

Ms. Knowles and Mr. Guguni discussed the desire to include youth from other Caribbean islands and Guyana.

Ms. Knowles and Mr. Guguni also met with youth in the small fishing village of Canaries on the west coast of Saint Lucia. They saw first-hand that the youth have solid abilities and talents but have to deal with challenges in education and limited access to opportunities for growth and employment. Ms. Knowles challenged the youth to take advantage of the conference to build relationships that will help them achieve dreams that seem impossible. Mr. Guguni added that the conference will allow them to brainstorm with their peers on ideas that can generate solutions to the challenges they face in Saint Lucia.

And then they topped the day with dinner at a local outdoor restaurant that cooks fish caught that day!

We would like to thank David Henry for his exceptional work in making the visit a successful one.

We look forward to a transformational event.