Letter from Thamsanqa

Dear Good People of Kenya

I know that you have been distraught by the recent activities that have taken place in our country over the past few months. Some of you might have mixed emotions, either on the verge of losing all forms or rationality while some as elated with strong emotions, confusion, doubt and anger. However, as I deliver this speech to you, I say that you must indeed rejoice- rejoice because Kenya is at hand.

The country of Kenya is embedded with a rich history. Kenya takes pride in its nature and diversity, and is well known throughout the rest of the world for its rich culture. As a citizen of another fellow African country, I can indeed say that you dear citizens of Kenya have plenty to be proud of, and also plenty to be ashamed of. This shame, however, is what I believe has the power to bring about great change to this country.

With light of recent events that have occurred: the murder of Christopher Msando, the civil violence that broke loose after the first round of elections, and finally the reversal of this by the judiciary, I can indeed say that Kenya has become a pioneering agent for addressing corruption in the developing world.

Fighting the full-fledged corruption in Kenya is going to be difficult, that I can certainly assure, especially due to the country’s political history. But I would like to motivate you to continue being active citizens that are well entrenched in the matters at hand and fully involved in electing leaders who will be accountable to the state.

Kenya has developed a great constitution- arguably the best on the African continent. However, most of you would agree that in practice, this might not be so, but what we have seen over the past few weeks is that if the nation unites and holds people put in power accountable, then surely the constitution shall be abided by. I cannot stress enough the breakthrough and power of overturning the election results—this, is truly a moment in which all Kenyans should celebrate.

I also note the fact that the people of Kenya are divided into factions because of cultural/tribal differences. Presidential candidate  also alluded to the fact of creating a new country. Dear Kenyans, I do not at all advocate this. Voting for presidential candidates should solely depend on the candidate’s competency to lead the country in a manner that will bring about a net positive effect on the whole society. I will also stress that voting for a candidate just because you share the same tribe shall never bring peace to your beautiful nation, and will lead to the countless deaths and injuries which you have already experienced. Kenyan people should unite. I shall repeat that: Kenyan people should unite.

Although I appreciate the fact that the election results were overturned, I do not fully agree with the manner in which that was achieved. Imagine if the people of Kenya could bring about a positive change in history in the developing world while divided, what they could achieve if they were united and simply worked in tandem to elect competent leaders and hold them accountable.

Dear Kenyans, I urge you to gain further knowledge of what is happening around you. The median age in Kenya is 19 years old, a great age to learn and be indulged in what happens around you. It is also a great opportunity for the nation to become united, talk about issues and gain knowledge though social media. Social media is a powerful tool. It not only relays information to you fellow Kenyans, but also to the rest of the world. Use social media to promote global citizenship in which we can delve into the countries problems together, moreover, develop sustainable solutions to see the country grow.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenyans across the world. Once again, I congratulate you on your success thus far and commend you for denying the opinions of the external observers. I however would like to reiterate again the importance of unity amongst you—that the journey ahead is still a long one. One where many differences will have to be overlooked for common good. Dear Kenyans, I urge you to become active citizens. I urge you to become ethical leaders who help appoint other ethical leaders.


Thank You