Letter from Eirene

Dear Kenyans:

On 8th of August, 2017, Kenyans I being one of them went out to vote in bid to exercise their democratic and constitutional right. After the voting exercise, the presidential results were announced by the Officials of the electoral body(IEBC)Declaring H.E Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta as the president elect.

It followed that after declaration, the opponent in the presidential election race Hon Raila Odinga disputed the Results and with His NASA political party co-principals filed a petition to the Supreme Court of Kenya disputing the facts on the grounds that the electoral process was not transparent and that the IEBC Server was hacked. They sought a relief that the elections be declared null and void on the same ground on the hearing of the Petition.

The case was heard and the determination was that the election declared null and void upon which a fresh-elections within 60 days was to be held. The grounds for the determination was that the elections were unfairly conducted. The elected president disagreed with the court’s decision however citing that he will still campaign and repeat the process. The IEBC claimed that they would rather have a fresh appointment of the IEBC officials which the president disputed saying that the IEBC was still the body, mandated to conduct elections under the constitution of Kenya.

Kenya is a beautiful and peaceful country, endowed with cultural heritage, in wildlife resources, mineral resources, cultural diversity and exemplary physical features leading in tourism attraction. Undoubtedly Kenyan people are hospitable and peaceful.

The current state of our country is however at a stake due to among other influencing factors, poor governance and leadership, corruption, tribalism and historical injustices.

However, as the generation that is taking after our leaders, we must be encouraged and hopeful by playing our part of building a better tomorrow. When we read our history Kenya has come from far and still developing progressively. Our forefathers did a sacrificial duty to liberate this country from slavery and colonialism and we are not going to give up. We are the leaders of today and tomorrow and we have to do what it takes to reshape the future of this country by addressing among others the aspects of poverty, corruption attributed by incompetency and laziness of those who hold top most offices in the government and address the Impunity challenges.

We appreciate the Kectil Program that has played a big role in molding us to be the future global leaders and leaders indeed in future in reshaping our continents and our constituents. What our generation wantz is the rebirth of positive minded generals with a pure and uncorrupted mind who would want to see the good come out of our beloved country, a people with same focus of building and reuniting the nation into a unified mother country.

Our country has been lagging behind because of tribalism, which is robbing this country of a bright future. The whole system is a fallacy for the young generation with lost hope of stepping to our future. The old folks have flocked in the top most position filling up the positions with their close relatives and friends. There is impunity all over in the private and public sector. We then ask ourselves, where are we to end up? There is need for the practicality of the constitution in addition to just quoting mere words with no implementations and sanction being imposed to the poor excluding the rich.

I must say that the NASA Coalition just like any other is a political party with its own agenda, Undoubtedly, it’s made on tribal grounds and the agenda is to do away with the dominating Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribe that has been reigning in Kenya since Independence. It’s a quagmire by itself. Perhaps a change is good. The coalition can come in to realize the devolvement of power and equal distribution of resources which is one of the principle addressed by the our Constitution.

The external observers were sincere according to my opinion being that they are not so well conversant with our system. They wouldn’t act beyond what was expected of them. They did their duty and gave their honest opinion, I believe, not in a bad faith but in good faith.

Whatever this country wants is a free and transparent elections. With this there will be a lot of contentment and the free will of the people will be seen to have taken its cause. Nothing gives satisfaction to the people than to see justice been done to their democratic and constitutional rights. It is a worthy cause and a calling. It would be so hard to trust those now in power to conduct free and transparent elections. In my opinion a change of the election officials will auger well and will be a sigh of relief to the poor Kenyans who owe a duty of voting exercise.

Splitting the country into two would not work out as one of the best suggestion. It will actually bring more harm than good to our beloved country. What we should focus on is to make our country a better place to live in. We are proud of our cultural diversity. As a matter of fact we have built strong ties through social cultural and economic activities. This must be stopped by all means. It will otherwise get us back to the colonial bondage and slavery. We must condemn, shun and pray against this kind of a mind-set.