Letter from Sher

Dear Kenyans:

We urge every Kenyan even those who do not believe in the system and the leadership to go to the polls and vote on Election Day as a patriotic citizen. Elections are a pivot of democracy. The election process is a source of pride and honour to the nation. It is to unify the country and make the nation stand with one objective: to defeat the many political and government establishments. I encourage every citizen to turn out to vote, this will be your contribution to your country’s democracy.

Kenyans, do not give anyone the power to intervene in your election. You should stand against those individuals and institutions that try to undermine the results of the elections, as has occurred in past elections.

As a beacon of the economy of the Eastern Africa corridor, you must continue to enhance the Kenya economy for sustainable growth. Foreign investors should be welcomed but the importation of products which are being produced locally should be questioned. Domestic production should not offset by imports, as it is unnecessary and may decrease local employment. Only the most essential goods should be imported.

Kenya must empower it’s institutions to work effectively and ensure the loopholes that lead to corruption are sealed. This can only be achieved when Kenyans’ themselves support responsible state officials and institutions.

As Kenyans you must accept your share of responsibility as citizens. Protect your democracy by doing your part.  Contribute to the economy by patronizing locally made goods and domestic brands to promote the growth of local business. As a patriotic citizen you must be concerned about the working class, the needs of your fellow brothers and sisters on issues of unemployment, inflation, discrimination and inequality etc.

I encourage you the youth to keep hope alive and to pursue education and to learn lessons from the current happenings. If you aspire to become a leader to make a positive difference in your country in the future and to exert influence in society, you should be knowledgeable.


Yours sincerely,

Sher, Pakistan