Letter from Tijjani

My Dear Kenyan Brothers and Sisters,


I would like to congratulate you on successful completion of the general elections. It was indeed met with mixed feeling ad varied conclusions. Nonetheless, you have shown strength and unity in your diversity to remain one country that aims at ensuring brighter future for all. That is remarkable!


You have been tested by the strings of time, marching together towards independence from the British to establishing a giant country enriched with god given resources, tourist attraction and one with a vibrant teaming population in the world. You have proven to live peacefully by harnessing opportunities amongst your differences. You are united-loving people that embraces one another in goodwill and unity.


Elections are meant to be won and lost, but that is not the end of the world. In the world of democracy, there is no winner or loser. There is just whose strategies and governance can fast-track the country’s development different from the others. Orange or Jubilee party, you are one and it’s your country’s growth and development that every leader and follower should be after. Election is only the legal path. Electing a leader who will work towards ensuring that development.


Many of you may feel betrayed by the International Election Monitoring Observers especially with the verdict of the Supreme Court that nullifies the Presidential elections. People often judge what they see and no one can be at all places at all times. It is important to note that, the Supreme Court verdict only shows what all of you have been praying for – a independent and just judiciary free from bigotry, partiality and corruption. There is no need for name-calling or violence. There is only the need to celebrate justice and anticipated fairness in the governance and judicial system.


Kenya is a one country that belongs to all of you. History has shown records of post-election violence in in the past, where, many people, young people especially have been groomed and brainwashed to think violence is the only solution or tool to expressing anger and or disappointments. You should not be manipulated by any selfish person or biased reports, you should not be ignorant and led astray by purveyors of division and violence. You should be courageous and hopeful for transparency and prosperity of your country’s legal and governance system. This is a sign that the future is bright. Indeed, there is no bright future when the system favors the rich and the strong, or the incumbent. The Supreme Court is paving way for equality and justice to come. We should all celebrate.


Leadership is not about tribe or ethnicity. It is about the ability to lead in transparency, inclusion and justice. No particular tribe is better than the other in leadership; there is just patriotism and fairness and that is what you should be after, my dear Kenyans. The rerun elections should be about whose candidate’s ideas and qualities can lead you to prosperity as a country and not whose tribe. Kenya is for you all and it is about Kenya not any tribe in particular. Join hands to improve your country and not be deceived by differences amongst you. In the eyes of the law, you are all equal. Avoid violence and look after one another. After all, you all want the same thing – and that is a better Kenya; a country with full of opportunities for all, just, democratic and egalitarian nation that can compete economically in the world.


Observe the conduct of your elections. Shun violence and hate crimes. Look after one another and protect your system of democracy. When you do that, you make everybody’s job easier. You will be portraying your country to become an example to other African countries that you are one and are mature enough to conduct a hitch-free elections. It is the age of the internet and social media. Use it as a tool to show the world your brotherhood, love for each other and the march towards prosperous Kenya irrespective of who wins or loses. Do away with viral violence images that circulates the world. Send messages of love, unity, friendship, maturity, patriotism and togetherness. International observers mission will then become more of a learning than hiccups mongering. Sell the image you want your country to be portrayed in the world. After all, in the eyes of the rest of the world, it is not going be said that so so tribe made this good or mess, it is only going to be KENYANS.


When you succeed, the whole world will applaud you and learn from you. When you fail, you become alone and be ridiculed. Kenyans are winners. It is a fact known by all. You’ve worked together to conquer the Olympics games. Show the world that winning mentality by remaining one and conducting yourselves peacefully pre, during and post rerun elections. Your sister African countries needs your courage to give the common man a voice in leadership and decision making and that is not followed by violence. You have come a long way, continue to show leadership and leave a lasting legacy and model for all African countries.


Nigeria and some African countries are going to the polls soon. Africans have always look after one another and supported each other as much as learn from one another. When you make it right, it becomes a model for the whole Africa. It is time that Africans are viewed as matured from around the world. Free, fair, and violence free election is a yardstick to show that maturity. Please ensure the prosperity of our dear continent. The future lies with you all.