Letter From Tabitha

Dear People of Kenya,

As we approach the Election Re-run on 17th October 2017, here are the few things I pray for. I pray for a better election process that is free from all flaws. I pray for a situation where every citizen will exercise their democratic right and vote for their preferred candidate. I pray for a peaceful election from the casting of votes to the tallying of votes and even the announcing of the results. I pray for the leader who fails to join forces with the winner and work for a better country. I pray for an end to tribal killings based on the outcome. But most especially I pray for all Kenyans to turn up and vote for change and vote for the future of our country. Because as Seth Goden once said Leadership is about creating the change you believe in. The change starts with you by showing up and casting your vote. You do not have the opportunity to complain if you don’t use the ballot to let your voice be heard. So, Changamkia Vote Yako !

To the incoming President, I hope that your tenure will be different. As a citizen, I am tired of complaining about the same issues day in day out; Tribalism and Corruption. What legacy would you like to leave behind? As a Kenyan, I would be more than proud if in the 5 years you manage to unite the 42 Kenyan Tribes to form one tribe. I want to see all Kenyans move from saying Mimi si Tribal, mimi ni TribeALL , to living it. I hope to see a Kenya where people are not defined from the region they come from but the abilities they each possess, where people can intermarry from different tribes without the fear of being banished, where Kikuyus and Luos can unite and become business partners, where Luhyas and Kalenjins can be each other’s best friend, where the Borana, the Oromo, The Pokot and the Suba will no longer call themselves a marginalised tribe but feel part of Kenya. The unity of Kenya starts with you, by being the first to kick out tribalism. By instilling the virtue of oneness in Kenyans through your actions, how you dress, how you walk, how you talk and even how you socialise. I look up to you to echo Eric Wainaina’s words, “Umoja ni fahari yetu, Undugu ndio nguvu, Chuki na Ukablia hatutaki hata kamwe ”

To the future Kenya, I see a bright vision ahead. We are blessed with so much that we often take for granted, from the wildlife, to the diverse citizens and culture and even natural resources. I want us to move from the adage of “Serikali saidia ” to an era where we help one another with the little we have. I want to see our tourism prospering, I want to see great young leaders in charge, I want to see leaders with vision steering the country forward, I want to see our budget turn from having a deficit to a surplus. But most importantly, I want to see an end to the “Toa Kitu kidogo ” era and end to corruption! It starts with me and you! By calling out corrupt leaders and speaking out about corruption on traditional media and social media. The duty of understanding and ensuring the constitution is followed is up to you. And as always Najivunia kuwa Mkenya.