Letter from Sanyu

Dear Kenya:

I don’t think the external observers played a valuable role in the Kenyan election. They clearly did not consider the whole picture and simply viewed things as the news broadcasted it, not considering that in majority of African countries, leaders corrupt the media to report only that which benefits them rather than the entire story. They ought to have been more critical and engage in conversation with the Kenyan nationals rather than observing from hearsay.

I do not agree that the best solution to tribalism is splitting a country into two. Using the beautiful continent of Africa as a case for this question, I learnt from the Inaugural Kectil Colleagues Conference in Atlanta, Georgia that majority of African nations’ biggest problem is tribalism. If this is the case and splitting the country into two is the best possible solution, how many African countries would we have to date? Also, considering that one African country can comprise of over 30 tribes, would that mean that the country would be split into 30? I think splitting a country is a very quick and temporary solution to the problem but is not one well thought through considering the risks that outweigh the potential benefits.