Letter from Emmanuel

Dear Kenyans:

The Vice President house was attacked prior to the death Msando. The Vice president, lucky him, was not around with his family. Ordinary security lost his precious life; this which may have been planned or probably an accident. I cannot conclude that the government was responsible for the occurrences especially the death of Msando. The issue of Msando could also be from an opposing political party because the system served as a block-way to cheating not only for the government but also the oppositions.

In fact, before the heat of the elections, the incumbent was noted for being the favorite for the upcoming elections. It was said that the incumbent would win the elections very easily. I believe that Msando died as a result of his tight elections system.

Mr. Odinga was suddenly denied presidency after the election either by vote or fraud. Speaking at a press conference Mr Odinga, who heads the National Super Alliance (NASA), said his supporters should remain calm, but added: “I don’t control the people”. The opposition may call for “action” at a later date, his deputy, Kalonzo Musyoka, said.

Opposition supporters have protested in the Mathare slum, one of Mr Odinga’s strongholds in the capital, Nairobi.

Meanwhile, in Kisumu, a BBC reporter saw a group of several hundred of his supporters take to the streets shouting: “No Raila, no peace”. Some of which turn violent and deadly. These are some signals that the citizens are not satisfied. Re- election was a very good decision.

On 1 September, the Supreme Court nullified Kenyatta’s election victory and ordered that a new presidential election take place within 60 days.

Evidence was based on examining the 41,451 forms 34A, the 291 forms 34B and single form 34C that represented the stages of vote collection. The court requested the originals of all forms be brought for inspection.[29]

  • Form 34A: 10,438 of the forms, out of a total of 41,451 were missing when the result was Some presented by IEBC were carbon copies while others did not bear the IEBC stamp, and some had the IEBC stamp on a photocopy of the original.
  • Form 34B: 10 were illegible, 56 of them had no watermark, 10 of the forms were not signed by the returning officer, and 66 bore no 31 forms had no serial number, and 32 were not signed by party agents.
  • Form 34C: had no security features and serial “The form looked like a photocopy”.

Mr. Karry received series of negative responses based on his tweet from the Carter Center on the court ruling. He received series of insults from Kenyans. Someone said “Come again, but this time to straight to the Masai Mara and back to the embassy,” referring to Kenya’s national park, popular for safaris.. While another wrote “Please don’t come back to Kenya”.

To defend the mistake from the election, many observers said that they were only satisfied with the voting process rather than the whole election thereby congratulating Kenya for the conducting the elections in a peaceful and orderly manner.

What I understand is that those observers focused on things like voter intimidation or ballot box stuffing. Observers didn’t see how the results were transmitted, accepting the commission’s promise that the results would be verified. “This simply shows that the democratic practices haven’t caught up with technology”, Calestous Juma of the Harvard University said. “It is ironic that it is in Africa that technology is tripping Western election observers. Just like elections have gone digital so must observation be modernized to adapt to modern times,” Juma continued.

Reelection should be conducted by a world body like the United Nations supervised by the Supreme Court and citizens be a part of the observers.

My Message to the People of Kenya

To the people of Kenya,

I think you should be one and always live as one. The historic Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya was not a character of conflicts but a serious-minded liberator and a masses oriented person. Kenya should not engage into these violence- attracting unreasonable strategies as this may have the tendencies to a terrible appearance.

To those Kenyans in the struggle for political want away, do not be discouraged by those political genocides. I encourage you to stand resolved with one ideology. If the solution calls for a separation into the country, move forward and peacefully acquire freedom.

I am convinced that indeed, freedom is certain for you; for it is one’s right to be free.

These things are the results of injustice. Therefore, when injustice becomes a law, resistance becomes a duty for those affected.

Go back to elections and re-elect your president…

Go Kenya!

Go Democracy! Go Freedom!