Dr. Dennis Liotta

Dennis Liottahttps://scholarblogs.emory.edu/liotta/ 

Born: January 31, 1949

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Married, two sons


Queens College of CUNY, B.A., 1970

The City University of New York: Ph.D., with R. Engel, 1974

The Ohio State University: Postdoctoral, with L. Paquette, 1974-1976


Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., 1976-1982; Associate Professor, 1982-1988; Professor, 1988-present; Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Chemistry, 2000-present; Department Chairman, 1993-1996

Fellow of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1980-1984

Recipient of a Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Fellowship, 1981-1986

Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Fellow, 1994-1996

Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award for the Natural Sciences, Emory University; 1987

Co-Chair, National Science Foundation Workshop on Reactive Intermediates, 1980-1983

Co-Chair, Gulf Coast Chemistry Conference, 1981-2007

Co-Chair, The Latest Trends in Organic Synthesis Symposia19862000

Chair, Symposium on Molecular Modeling, SERMACS 88, Atlanta, GA, 1988

Chair, Symposium on Molecular Modeling, Molecular Design, Ltd., Murray Hill, NJ, 1989

Chair, Gordon Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1989

Editor, “Organoselenium Chemistry,” Wiley- Interscience, 1987

Editor, Tetrahedron  “Symposium in Print” -“Recent Aspects of Organoselenium Chemistry”

Editor, Advances in Molecular Modeling, Vol. 1, 2 and 3, JAI Press, 1988, 1990, 1995

Editor (with M. Volmer), Organic Syntheses Reaction Guide, Wiley- Interscience, 1991

Editor (with V. Cornel), Recent Reviews, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 19951999

Member of the Board of Editors, Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Wiley- Interscience, 19921997

Consultant, R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute 19852000

Consultant, Glaxo Group Ltd. (United Kingdom), 1991-1993

 Consultant, Burroughs Wellcome (Glaxo Wellcome), 1992-1996

Consultant, The Wellcome Research Foundation Ltd. (United Kingdom), 1992-1995

Consultant, Boehringer Ingelheim, 19942000

Consultant, BioMega (Montreal), 1993-1997

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, AtheroGenics, 19952007

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Triangle Pharmaceuticals, 19951998

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Triangle Pharmaceuticals, 19982003

Instructor, American Chemical Society Short Course on Molecular Modeling, Athens, GA, 19882000

Chairman, Georgia Section, American Chemical Society, 1988

Vice President for Research, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 1996-2000

Member, Executive Committee, Division of Organic Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 1990-1992; Secretary-Treasurer, 1994-1997

Ad Hoc Member, Medicinal Chemistry Study Section, The National Institutes of Health, 1988, 1994

Ad Hoc Member, Bioorganic and Natural Products Study Section, The National Institutes of Health, 1992

Ad Hoc Member, Personnel C Advisory Panel, The American Cancer Society, 1993-1994

Member, Drug Discovery Study Section, The American Cancer Society, 1995-2006

Member, AIDS and Related Research Study Section, National Institutes of Health, 1995-1997; Chair, 1997-1998

Director, Molecular Therapeutics Program, Winship Cancer Center, 19942000

Member, External Advisory Committee, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Center for AIDS Research, 1996-2001

Member, Executive Committee, MSP, DGBBS, 2001-2007

Co-Director, Knowledge Transfer, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, 1999-2001

Member, Board of Directors, F.O.B. Synthesis, Inc., 2001-present

Biomedical Industry Growth Award recipient, Georgia Biomedical Partnership, 2003

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Chimerix, Inc., 2003-present

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Slainte Bioceuticals, Inc. , 2003-2007

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2003-present

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, iThemba Pharmaceuticals, 2001-present

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, MetaStatix, Inc., 2005-2008

Herty Award Recipient, Georgia Section of the ACS, 2005

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, University of Pittsburgh Center for Chemical Methodologies & Library Development, 2005-2013

Member, University of Georgia Center for Drug Discovery, 2005-present

Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Emory University, 2006

Member, Board of Directors, Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures 2006-present

Director, RSA Drug Discovery Training Program, 2007-present

Member, Board of Directors, Achilion Pharmaceuticals, 2008-present

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Altiris, 2008-present

Director, Emory Institute for Drug Development, 2009-present

Co-Director, Emory Chemical Biology Consortium (NCI), 2009-present

Consultant, Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals, 2009-present

Editor-in-Chief, Medicinal Chemistry Letters, American Chemical Society, 2010-present

Member, Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular Biophysics (BCMB) Study Section, The National Institutes of Health, 2010

Gisvold Award, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 2010

Fellow, American Chemical Society, 2010-present

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame, 2010

Thomas Jefferson Award for Teaching, Emory University, 2011

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Cerecor Inc, 2011-present

IP Legend Award, Georgia State University College of Law and J. Mack Robinson College of Business, 2011

175 Emory Historymakers Medal, 2012

Uncommon Courage Award, Queens College, 2012

Honorary Doctorate, Queens College, 2012

Honorary Doctorate, University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia, 2012

Distinguished Alumni Award, The Ohio State University, 2013

Fellow, National Academy of Inventors, 2013

 Emory University Senate Lecture Series Panel, 2013

Licensing Deal of the Year, Emory Office of Tech Transfer, 2014

Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, 2014

Georgia Bio Shark Tank Winner, 2014

ACS-BMS Smissman Award, 2015

Antonín Holý Memorial Lecture Award, 20th International Conference on Antiviral Research/ISAR, 2015


American Chemical Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science

International Society for Antiviral Research



R01 A1028731-23 (Liotta Dennis)                              01/01/2013-12/31/2017        1.35 Academic

NIH/NIAID                                                                   $425,820.00                         0.45 summer

Non-Carbohydrate Approaches to Anti-AIDS Nucleosides

Design & synthesis of novel nucleoside analogs with improved resistance profile


P30 AI050409 (Curran James Walter)                       8/1/12012 – 07/31/2017      0.45 Academic

NIH/NIAD                                                                     $1,469,736.00                      0.15 summer

Emory Center for AIDS Research


R01AI071002-06A1 (Plemper Richard Karl)              07/01/2012-06/30/2017       0.30 Academic

NIH                                                                            $301,136.00                           0.10 summer

Developing Myxovirus Inhibitors with Expanded Pathogen Target Range

This project employs a structure-based drug design strategy to develop a novel class of MV fusion inhibitors to applicable antiviral drugs


29XS132 TO08 (Haian Fu)                                         06/24/2009-06/23/2014      .09 Academic

SAIC-FREDERICK                                                       $49,993.70                        .03 summer

Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center in the NCI Chemical Biology Consortium

The major goals of this project is to discover and develop new and innovative, targeted cancer therapies.


000021215 (Liotta Dennis)                                         01/01/2012-10/31/2013   0.45 Academic

BIO Ventures for Global Health                                  $800,000.00                    0.15 summer

Role: Principal Investigator

Global Health Primer

Web- based database tool to track work done in R&D related to neglected tropical disease


R37 AI028431 (Liotta Dennis)            7/01/1989-4/30/2013              0.90 Academic

NIH/NIAID (Merit Award)                                            $1,469,736.00/ NCE

Non-Carbohydrate Approaches to Anti-AIDS Nucleosides

Design & synthesis of novel nucleoside analogs with improved resistance profiles


Chair, Graduate Recruitment Committee, 1977-1987

College Curriculum Committee, 1981-1984

3-2 Cooperative Engineering Program Committee, 1982-1983

Graduate Student Teaching Award Committee, 1982-1984

Winston Churchill Scholarship Committee, 1982-1983

Arts and Sciences Computer Advisory Committee, 1982-1986

Stipe Society Award Selection Committee, 1982-1984

College / Dental School Cooperative Committee, 1982-1984

Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Advisory Committee, 1982-1986

Faculty Advisor to Undergraduates, 1977-present

Director of Graduate Studies, 1983-1987

Graduate Executive Committee, 1983-1987; 1990-1992

Grievance Subcommittee, Graduate Executive Committee, 1985-1986

Committee on Evaluation of Teaching, 1985-1986

Policy and Procedure Subcommittee, Graduate Executive Committee, 1986-1987

Emory Graduate Dean Search Committee, 1988-1989

University Patent and Copyright Committee, 1988-1990

College Enrollment Committee, 1989 -1990

Emory / Georgia Tech Joint Ph. D. Committee, 1990-1993

College Nominating Committee, 1990, 1992

Responsibility in Research Task Force, 1990-1992

Emory College Dean Search Committee, 1990-1991

Chair, Chemistry Department Faculty Search Committee, 1990-1991

Graduate Executive Committee, 1990-1992

Chair, Chemistry Department Computer Committee, 1990-1993

University Research Committee, 1990-1993

Academic Computing Advisory Committee, 1992-1996

Chair, Chemistry Department Computer Committee, 1990-1993

Chemistry Department Undergraduate Education Committee, 1990-1996

Chair, Chemistry Department, 1993-1996

Graduate Dean Search Committee, 1994-1995

Structural Biology Eminent Scholar Search Committee (Biochemistry Dept.), 1994-1997

Associate V. P. for Institutional Advancement Search Committee, 1995

Director, Molecular Therapeutics Program, Winship Cancer Center, 1994

Member, President’s Senior Staff, 1996-1998

Member, Administrative Council, 1998

Member, Provosts’ Staff, 1996

Member, Trustees Executive Committee, 1996

Member, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Advisory Committee, 1996

Chair, GMHI-Emory West Executive Committee, 1998

Co-Director, Knowledge Transfer, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, 1999-2001

Associate Director for Research Development, Emory Center for AIDS Research, 2005-present Director Developmental Core, Emory CFAR, 2001-2005

Executive Committee, MSP, DGBBS 2001-2004

Chair, Faculty Science Council, 2004-present

Member, College Governance Committee, 2004

Member, Development and University Relations Faculty Council, 2005

Member, Global Health Institute Internal Advisory Committee, 2006-present

Member, Emory College of Arts & Science Dean Search Committee, 2009-2010    

Member, Hightower Awards Committee, 2009

Member, Center for AIDS Research Program Council, 2010-present

Member, Chemistry Department Outreach Committee, 2012-present


Professor Dennis Liotta has helped to transform HIV/AIDS from a death sentence to a chronic infection in which patients are able to live active, near normal lives.  The Emory Office of Technology Transfer estimates that greater than ninety per cent of all of the HIV-infected persons in the United States take (or have taken) one of the drugs he invented.  In his current role as Executive Director of the Emory Institute for Drug Development, Dennis oversaw the discovery and development of another novel nucleoside analogue, EIDD-2023, as a potential treatment for single-stranded RNA viral infections.  His research group has also recently discovered the first potent, dual tropic (CCR5/CXCR4) HIV entry inhibitor.

Over the past two and a half decades Dr. Liotta’s research has focused on the discovery and development of novel antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents.  He is one of the leaders of the Emory team that discovered the antiviral drug, Emtriva (emtricitabine), which was approved for treating HIV in July 2003.  Emtriva is a component of the ground breaking, once a day, triple combination therapy, Atripla, which is now universally accepted as the drug combination of choice for treating HIV infected patients.  In addition, he is the inventor of record for several clinically important antivirals, including Epivir, Reverset, Racivir and Elvucitabine.  He is also the lead inventor of Q-122, a safe, orally available clinical agent for controlling hot flashes in post-menopausal women.

For a description of Dr. Liotta’s current research interests, see his website: https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/liotta/


3rd Gulf Coast Chemistry Conference, Gulf Shores, AL

1980 Gordon Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes

University of Central Florida, Orlando

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Creating and Leveraging IP in Developing Countries: A Power Tool for Economic and Social Growth, Durban, South Africa

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Introductory Organic Chemistry                                                       Chem. 121, 122, 221, 221Z, 222

Structure Elucidation                                                                         Chem. 228, 326

Advanced Organic Chemistry                                                          Chem. 323

Advanced Organic Chemistry                                                          Chem. 321

Advanced Organic Chemistry III                                                      Chem. 523

Advanced Organic Chemistry IV                                                      Chem. 524

Organic Photochemistry                                                                   Chem. 471

Phosphorus Chemistry                                                                     Chem. 471

Synthetic Strategies                                                                          Chem. 471

Directed Studies (Variety of Topics)                                             Chem. 397, 497

Introductory Organic Laboratory                                                      Chem. 121L, 122L,

Organic Preparations                                                                        Chem. 275, 327R

Seminar                                                                                             Chem. 591, 791

Molecular Modeling                                                                           Chem. 725

Drug Discovery                                                                                 Chem. 729R



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*BS/MS program.



Name                                          Degree                               Highest Degree or Current Location

Period                                                                                    Thesis Title


Santiesteban, Hector                                                             M.D.-Ph.D., Emory Univ. Medical

1976-1977                                  M.S.                                    School

New Synthetic Transformations Involving Phenyl Selenide Anion.


Powell, Gwendolyn                                                                M. D. – Univ. of Miami Medical

1976-1977                                  M.S.                                    School

.                                                                                             Director of Health Affairs, Glaxo, Inc.

Experiments Directed Toward the Synthesis of 7,7-Dimethylnorbornadiene.


Lovitt, Etta                                                                              M.D., Emory Univ.Medical School

1977-1978                                  M.S.                                    An Investigation of the Reactions of Singlet Oxygen with Non-conjugated Interacting Dienes.


Paty,Phillip                                                                             M.D.-Ph.D., Stanford Univ. Medical

1977-1978                                  M.S.                                    School

Synthetic Applications of Trimethylsilylphenylselenide.


Williams, Richard                                                                   New England Nuclear

1976-1979                                  M.S.                                    Photooxygenation Reactions in Perfluorohydrocarbon Media.Phenylselenenly Enoates.


Zima, George                                                                        Tennessee Eastman

1976-1980                                  Ph.D.                                  Modern Organoselenium Chemistry.


Ginsberg, Steven                                                                  M.D., Downstate Medical Center

1979-1980                                  M.S.                                    Application of Diethyltrimethylsilyl Phosphite as a Reagent for Umpolung.


Grossman, Judy                                                                   Molecular Design, Ltd.

1979-1980                                  M.S.                                    An Investigation of Reactions of Anions with Selenium Metal.

1980-1985                                  Ph.D.                                  Theoretical Explorations of Diastereoselectivity, Reactivity and Reaction Trajectories


Barnum, Christopher                                                             Dupont

1977-1981                                  Ph.D.                                  1. New Organoselenium Methodology. 2. Diels-Alder Reactions of Cross-Conjugated Dienones.


Reyes, Augustin                                                                    Augustin W. Reyes Perfume Co.

1979-1981                                  M.S.                                    Synthesis and Reactions of Phenylselenenly Enoates.


Sunay, Ustun                                                                         Atlanta

1979-1984                                  Ph.D.                                  1. New Synthetic Methodology. 2. Exploratory Studies Directed Towards The Total Synthesis of Forskolin.


Arbiser, Jack                                                                         Enders Children’s Hospital

1982-1983                                  M.S.                                    1. A Simple, Inexpensive Procedure for the Large-Scale Production of Quinones. 2. Synthesis of Selenated Heterocycles


Luce, Hudson                                                                        Ph, D., Univ. of Fla.,

1981-1982                                  M.S.                                    1. A Study in the Selective Enolization of a Series of 10-Methyl-3-Decalones. 2. Conformational Energies of a Series of Allylic and Homoallylic Alcohols.



Waykole, Liladhar                                                                  Sandoz Research Institute

1980-1984                                  Ph.D.                                  Carbanion Reactions: Mechanisms and New Methodology.


Ott, Walter                                                                             Lecturer – Emory Univ.

1981-1986                                  Ph.D.                                  Methodologies Toward the Total Synthesis of Pallescensin A and Model Studies of the Quassinoid Bruceantin.


Jamison, W. Charles                                                             Patent Attorney

1981-1987                                  Ph.D.                                  1. Approaches to the Total Synthesis of the Diterpene Marrubiin. 2. Ligand Assisted Nucleophilic Addition. 3. Coal Processing in a Non-dissolving Medium.


Dunams, Tambra                                                                  Tennessee Valley Authority

1982-1988                                  Ph. D.                                  1. New Methods for the Synthesis of Substituted Furans. 2. Hydrophobicity Effects in Diels-Alder Reactions. 3. Approaches to the Synthesis of Lasalocid A Analogs.







Hoekstra, William                                                                   R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical

1982-1986                                  Ph.D.                                   Research Inst.

  1. New Organoselenium Methodology. 2. Studies Directed Towards The Total Synthesis of the Natural Product Forskolin.



Solomon, Mark                                                                      Mobay, Inc.

1983-1988                                  Ph.D.                                   1. A Mechanistic Study of the Alkylation of Selenium-Substituted Enolates. 2. Ligand Assisted Nucleophilic Additions:  Scope and Limitations.


McCormick, Michael                                                              Lecturer, Department of Chemistry,

1983-1993                                  M.S.                                    Emory University


Stephens, Julie                                                                      Theragenics Corporation

1983-85                                      M.S.                                    Trajectories of Proton Transfer Reactions: Proton Transfer at an Acute Angle


Monahan, Robert                                                                   MD, Columbus, GA

1984-1988                                  Ph.D.                                   1. Stereochemistry of Electrophile-Induced Cyclizations. 2. An Investigation of the Intramolecular Alkoxypalladation Carbonylation Reaction. 3. Synthesis of Phorbol-13-O-(3′-Dansylamino)-tetradecanoyl Acetate.


Brown, David                                                                         Hoechst-Celanese

1982-1986                                  Ph.D.                                  1. New Oxidative Rearrangement Methodology. 2. Mechanistic Studies of Quinone Diels-Alder Reactions.


Nimkar, Sanjay                                                                      University of Kansas

1985-1990                                  Ph.D.                                   1. Syntheses of Sphingosine Analogs and Its Derivatives.  Stereoselective Syntheses of Sphingosines. 2. Approaches Toward the Total Syntheses of Royleanaone and Taxodione.


Menaldino, David                                                                   VP of Research, F.O.B. Synthesis,

1986-92                                      Ph.D.                                  Atlanta

Asymmetric Syntheses of Amino Alcohols as Bioactive Compounds.



Sisti, Nicholas                                                                        Napro Biopharmaceuticals

1986-1987                                  M.S.                                    Phospholipids:  Form, Function and Synthesis.


Sperka, James                                                                      Masters Program in Chemistry,

1986-1994                                  M.S. (deceased)                Emory University


Swiss, Kevin                                                                          Postdoctoral Fellow; University of

1987-1991                                  Ph.D.                                  Illinois

Mechanism and Synthetic Methodology of the Ligand Assisted Nucleophilic Addition Process.


Mohan, Julie                                                                          Glaxo, Inc.

1987-1989                                  M.S.                                    1. Factors Affecting Mono- and Di-additions of Carbanions to Quinones and Related Species. 2. Reactions Involving Selenium Metal as an Electrophile. The Enolate-Selenolate Transformation.


Hager, Michael                                                                      F.O.B. Synthesis, Atlanta

1987-1993                                  Ph.D.                                  Approaches to 3′-Substituted 2′,3′-Dideoxynucleosides Starting from Non-Carbohydrate Precursors:  The Synthesis of 3′-Azido-3′-deoxythymidine and 3′-Fluoro-3′-deoxythymidine.


Hinkley, William                                                                      Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.

1987-1991                                  M.S.                                    1. Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reaction Rate Enhancement Due to Ethylene Glycol Solvation Effects. 2. Synthesis of Dihydrothiazine Oxide Fungicieds Via Intramolecular Hetero Diels-Alder Methodology. 3. Cuprate Additions to Quinol Alkoxides.


Strange, Luise                                                                       Dekalb College

1988-1992                                  M.S.                                    1. Review of Literature Involving the Use of Enzymes in Organic Synthesis and Utilization of Organic Solvents to Improve Enzymatic Reactions. 2. Application of Enzymatic Technology Toward Specific Target Molecules Related to the Antiviral Compounds 2’,3’-Dideoxy-3’-thiacytidine and 2’,3’-Dideoxy-5-fluoro-3’ thiacytidine.






Morin, Gregory                                                                      Doctoral Prog in Chemistry, Notre

1991-1992                                  M.S.                                    Dame University

A Study of the Stereochemical Consequences of Nucleophilic Michael Additions to a g-Butenolide Directed Towards the Synthesis of Novel Nucleosides.


Wurster, Julie                                                                        Postdoctoral Fellow; U. of California,

1988-1994                                  Ph.D.                                  Irvine

.                                                                                              Stereoselective Metonds For 2’, 3’-Dideoxynucleoside Preparation:  Purine Nucleoside Glyosylation and 3’-Functionalization of Nucleoside Precursors



Geisler, Victoria J.                                                                 Professor and Chair; Department of 1984-1991        Ph.D.   Chem.

West Georgia College

Part I. Actinomysin D-Inspired DNA Binding

Compounds. Part 2. Evaluation of the Role of

Intramolecular Hydrogen-Bonding and PKa of Long-Chain Bases on the Inhibition of Protein Kinase C.


Wilson, Larry                                                                           Proctor and Gamble

1988-1992                                     Ph.D.                                 Pharmaceuticals.

A Stereoselective Approach to 2′,3′-Dideoxynucleosides.  Stereoselective Sulfenylation and Nitrogen Glycosylation Reactions.


Jones, Deborah                                                                      Postdoctoral Fellow; Yale University

1989-1994                                     Ph.D.                                 Site Head and Director Cheminformatics, GSK

Theoretical Investigations Aimed At Elucidating the Origins of Stereoselectivity A Three Case Study


Mills Crane, Heidi                                                                    Sphinx Pharmaceutical

1990-1993                                   M.S.                                    Stereoselective Syntheses and Stereochemical Evaluation of Various Sphingolipids



Spurling, Travis                                                                       Novel Approaches Towards to

1990-1997                                     Ph.D.                                 Treatment of

HIV Infection


Gall, John                                                                                EPA / Dekalb College

1990-1993                                   M.S.                                    Part I:  Review of the Literature dealing with the Syntheses of 2’,3’-dideoxy and 2’,3’-Dideoxy-2’,3’-Didehydronucleosides.

Part II:  Attempted Syntheses of 2’,3’- Didreoxypyrimidines via Intramolecular N-Glycosylation


Xia, Jianhui                                                                              Doctoral Program, Carnegie-Melon

1991-1995                                   M.S.                                    University





Voronkov, Michael                                                                  Postdoctoral Fellow;

1991-1997                                   Ph.D.                                  Part I: Synthesis of Novel Nucleoside Analogues as Potent Anti-HIV Agents: Part II: Preparation and Synthetic Studies of Novel Taxol Analogues


Goh, Jane                                                                               Postdoctoral Fellow;

1992-1997                                   Ph.D.                                  Diastereoselective Reactions of

-Dibenzylamino Carbonyl Compounds


Captain, Laura                                                                        Postdoctoral Fellow; UNC, Chapel

1992-1997                                   Ph.D.                                  Hill

Part I: Diastereroselective Conjugate Addition Reactions to a Novel 3-Ketoacrylate System for the Synthesis of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors. Part II: A Novel Approach to Taxol Semisynthesis Utilizing Oxygen-Substituted Ketenes


Johnston, Lisa                                                                       Unknown

1994-1998                                  Ph.D.


McAtee, Jeff                                                                          Postdoctoral Fellow; Scripps

1994-1999                                  Ph.D.


Xia, Xiaoyang                                                                         Alanex Corporation

1992-1997                                  Ph.D.                                  Part I: Stereocontrolled Synthesis of [beta]-2’-Deoxypyrimidine Nucleosides through Intramolecular Glycosylations; Part II: Minireceptor Enzyme Active Sites of HIV Protease




Guan, Ningning                                                                      Doctoral Prog.; Biochemistry, Emory

1995-1997                                  M.S.                                    University

Newer Methodologies for the Stereoselective Synthesis of 2’, 3’ – Dideoxynucleoside Analogues


Vo, Hoang Minh                                                                     Part I: Novel Approaches Towards

1996-1998                                  M.S.                                    the Synthesis of Hydroxyethylene Isosteres, a Class of HIV-Protease Inhibitors; Part II: Efficient and Stereoselective O-Glycosylation of 1-Acy-2-Sulfenyl-Dideoxy-Ribofuranoses Catalyzed by Cerium (III) Chloride


Cornett, Ben                                                                          Eli Lilly

1997-2002                                  Ph.D.                                  Solution Conformational Studies of

Microtubule-Stabilizing Agents


Curfman, Chris                                                                      Patent Attorney, Needle and

1996-2000                                  Ph.D.                                  Rosenberg, Georgia State School of Law

Synthetic Strategies Toward

Omega-Functionalized Sphingolipid Analogs


Byun, Kiyoung                                                                       Faculty Fellow, Boston University

1997- 2001                                 Ph.D.                                  Computational Studies Toward the

Design and Synthesis of Novel

Inhibitor Compounds


Ferstl, Eva                                                                             Pharmacia, Milan, Italy,

1998-2000                                  Ph.D.                                  Part I: Thiazolidine-2-Thione

Induced Diastereoselective Addition of Enolates to Imines. Part II: Novel Curcumin Analogs as Suppressors of Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis


Young, Josephine                                                                 US Patent and Trademark Office,

1998-2000                                  Withdrew                            Washington, DC


Lakdawala, Ami                                                                     Glaxo SmithKline

1999-2003                                  Ph.D.                                              Part I.  Structure & Dynamics of beta-Amyloid

Fibrils Part II.  Design of Taxol (Paclitaxel) Analogs and Predictive Models; Design pf Measles Virus Inhibitors; Conformational Analysis of alpha-Helical Mimics





Ambhaikar, Narendra                                                            Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps

1999-2003                                  Ph.D.                                              Thiazolidine-2-thione Directed Diastereoselective

Additions of Chlorotitanium Enolates to Aldimine Derivatives


Leong, Lynette                                                                      Pharmacopeia, Philadelphia

1999-2001                                  M.S.


Thepchatri , Pahk                                                                  MLSCN, Emory University;

2000-2005                                  Ph.D.                                  Identification of Conformational Ensembles in Solution: Potential Source of Bioactive Candidates


Pruett, Sarah                                                                         Yerkes Regional Primate Center,

2000-2006                                  Ph.D.                                  Emory.

Biological Mass Spectrometry of Sphingolipids in Drug Discovery and Development;


Mao, Shuli                                                                              EIDD

2000-2005                                  Ph.D.                                  Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activity of Novel

Cyclobutyl Nucleoside Analogs;



Herold, Marike                                                                       Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge

2001-2005                                  Ph.D.                                  University, UK

Diastereoselective One-Pot Synthesis of Azetines and b-Lactams Starting from Nitriles; Part II Novel Curcumin Analogs as Antitumor Agents


Itta Bluhn-Chertudi                                                                 Scynexis, Research Triangle;

2001-2005                                  M.S.                                    Methodology for the remote induction of asymmetric hydrocyation in a,b-unsaturated ketones


Dougherty, Ann                                                                     Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory

2002-2007                                  Ph.D.                                  University

Part 1. Synthesis Pyrrolidine Diol Sphongolipid Analogs and Evaluation of their Biological Activity Part 2. Synthesis of Pre-hemibrevetoxin B’ Polyene: Applications in the Biosynthesis of the Brevetoxins





Fang, Xingang                                                                         Adjunct Professor, U. of West FL

2002-2008                                   Ph.D.                                  Synthesis and Anti-Viral Activity

of Novel 3,6-dioxa-[3.2.0]bicyclonucleoside



Kurtkaya, Serdar                                                                    System Analyst, MUSC

2002-2005                                   M.S.                                    “3JC=CCH Karplus Equation And 3JFCCF Karplus Curve Derivation With The Help Of Computational Chemistry To Explain Unexpected NMR Coupling Data In Organic And Biological Systems & Structure-Activity Relationship Studies On Curcumin Analogs”


Moore, Rhonda                                                                       Postdoctoral Fellow, U. of Colorado

2002-2006                                   Ph.D.                                  Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel

Phenyl Epothilone Analog and Oxazolidinone Directed Diastereoselective Synthesis of b-Amino Carbonyl Derivatives



Bluemling, Greg………………………………………                         Principle Scientist, EIDD

2002-2010                                   Ph.D.                                  Part I: Synthesis of Cyclobutyl

Nucleoside Analogs That Mimic AZT

for Inhibition of the K65R HIV-1

Reverse Transcriptase Mutant

Part II: Synthesis and Evaluation of Truncated Triptolide Analogs to Suppress Chronic Inflammation


Malick, Sanna…………………………………………                         Law School

2003-2006                                   M.S.                                    Part 1. Synthesis of Curcumin Analogs and their Biological Evaluation on Microtubules and Actin in Prostate Cancer Cells

Part 2. Decomposition Studies of Curcumin Analog UBS 109 Using Mass Spectrometry

Part 3. Mass Spectrometry Study of CXCR4 Antagonist WZ40MS








McNevin, Chris……………………………………….                         Part 1. Stereoselective Synthesis of

2003-2008                                   Ph.D………..                         Quaternary Center Bearing Azetines

……………….                         and B-Amino Acid Derivatives

……………….                         Part 2. Natural and

……………….                         Enantiomeric Progesterone

……………….                         Analogues for the

……………….                         Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury


Yong Feng, (Lucy) Li……………………………….                         Part 1: Synthesis and Anti-HIV

2003-2008……………………………. Ph.D                                   Activity of Novel Cyclobutyl

…………………………………………….                                            Nucleoside and Nucleotide


……………….                         Part 2: Synthesis of Fluorescent

……………….                         Nucleoside Analogs

……………….                         Part 3: Synthesis of Abacavir


Alcaraz, Ana………………………….                                            Computational Studies of Ligand-2003-2009  Ph.D.   Protein Interactions Part I: The

…………………………………………….                                            T-Taxol Conformation

…………………………………………….                                            Part II: Elucidating Interdependent

…………………………………………….                                            Binding Sites on Tubulin


Prussia, Andrew……………………………………..                         ORISE Fellow, CDC

2003-2009                              …. Ph.D..                                 Part I: Measles virus entry into cells and the

……………………………………………………………..                         inhibition of fusion and replication Part II: The nature of cyclostreptin’s interaction with microtubules


Jogalekar, Ashutosh………………………………..                         Molecular Modeler/Scientist,

2003-2009 …………………………… Ph.D.                                  Ensemble Therapeutics

……………………………………………………………..                         1. Conformational Analysis of

……………………………………………………………..                         Bioactive Molecules in Solution

……………………………………………………………..                         2. Design of Selective

……………………………………………………………..                         Inhibitors for Cyclin-Dependent

……………………………………………………………..                         Kinase 7



Geballe, Matt                               ……………….                         OpenEye Scientific

2003-2008                                   Ph.D………..                         Part I: Structure and Function in the

……………….                         NMDA Ligand Binding Domain.

……………….                         Part II: Comparison of

……………….                         Paclitaxel Analogs through

……………….                         Molecular Dynamics Simulation;

……………….                         Solution Conformations

……………….                          of Cyclic Peptides.


Wright, Suzanne                         ……………….                         Withdrew



Zhan, Weiqiang                           ……………….                         Eli Lilly

2003-2008                                   Ph.D………..                         Design, Synthesis and Biological

……………….                         Evaluation of C6-C8 Bridged

……………….                         Epothilone Analogs and Discovery of

……………….                         Small Molecule CXCR4


Becnel-Davis, Kimberlynne        ……………….                         Associate at Kilpatrick, Townsend &

2003-2008                                   Ph.D………..                         Stockton

……………….                         Synthesis of Cyclobutyl Nucleoside

……………….                         and.Nucleotide Analogues as HIV-1

……………….                         Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors


Mosely, Cara                              ……………….                         Pabst Patent Group LLP

2004-2009                                   Ph.D………..                         Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of

……………….                         Subunit-Selective N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antagonists Towards the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases


Murray, Ernest                            ……………….                         Medical School

2004-2008                                   M. S…………                         College of Charleston


Neuman, Annette                        ……………………………………. Part I: Synthesis of 2′-Fluoro-2′,3′-

2004-2012                                   Ph.D. …………………………… Dideoxynucleosides asInhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase

Part II: Synthesis of Cyclobutyl Phosphonate and Phosphoramidate Prodrugs for Inhibition of HIV ReverseTranscriptase


Baillie, Mark                                 ……………….                         Towards the Development of

2005-2011                                   Ph.D………..                         Non-Toxic Therapeutics in the Fight

……………….                         Against Cancer

……………….                         Postdoctoral Fellow, Switzerland


Hu, Haipeng                                ……………….                         Validation of Receptor-Based Drug

2005-2011                                   Ph.D………..                         Design and Applications in the Study of IKKs, Truncated Taxane and LRH-1

……………….                         Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory


Jiang, Yi                                      ……………….                         Design, Synthesis and Biological

2005-2010                                   Ph.D………..                         Evaluation of C4-C9 Bridged

……………….                         Epothilone Analogs


Kim, Mi-Sun                                 Ph.D………..                         Identification of modulators for the

2005-2012                                   ……………….                         SREB(Super Conserved Receptor Expressed in Brain) family


Purcell, Jamie                             ……………….                         Withdrew

2006-2007                                   ……………….


Truax, Valarie                             ……………….                         Design, Synthesis, and Biologic

2006-2014                                   Ph.D………..                         Evaluation of Tetrahydroisoquinoline-based CXCR4 Modulators


Santangelo, Rose                                                                   Chapter 1: Design and Synthesis of

2006-2012                                     Ph.D.                                 GluN1/GluN2B Selective NMDA Receptor Antagonists for the Potential Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases; Chapter 2: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of First-in-Class GluN2C/2D-Selective NMDA Receptor Potentiators


Zimmerman, Sommer                                                             Design, Synthesis, and Biological

2008-2013                                   Ph.D.                                  Evaluation of Subunit-Selective N-Methyl- D-Aspartate Receptor Modulators


Shi, Qi                                                                                     Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery

2008-2014                                   Ph.D.                                  Part I: Design, Development,

Validation and Application of

FRESH, a Novel In-Silico

High-throughput Screening Program

Part II: Monocarbonyl Curcumin Analogues: Heterocyclic Pleiotropic Kinase Inhibitors that Mediate Anticancer Properties

Part III: Development of 2nd Generation NAMFIS Software Program by Java


Acker, Tim                                  ……………….                         Structural Determinants of Activity,

2008-2013                                   Ph.D. ………                         Mechanism and Structure Activity Relationships of Novel GluN2C/D Subunit Selective Antagonists of the N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor


Miller, Eric                                                                               Postdoc, Emory

2009-2015                                   Ph.D.                                   Discovery of CF2-Enigmol, a

Fluorinated Enigmol

Ph.D.Analog with Enhanced Pharmacokinetic and Anti-Tumor Properties


Katzman, Brooke                                                                    Postdoctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic

2009-2014                                   Ph.D.                                  Part 1: Design, Synthesis, and

Biological Evaluation of a Novel

Class of Allosteric Modulators of N

Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor


Part 2: Discovery of Novel

Tetrahydroisoquinoline (THIQ)-

Based CXCR4 Antagonists and

Conformational Analysis of

Structurally Similar CXCR4 Antagonists


Strong, Katie                               ……………….                         Doctoral Program in Chemistry, 2009-present          Ph.D. (projected)                                                            Emory


Baldwin, Patrick                                                                      Postdoc, University of Maryland,

2010-2014                                   Ph.D.                                  School of Medicine

Development of Monocarbonyl

Curcumin Analogues to Treat

Tuberculosis and Cancers


Giesler, Kyle                               ……………….                         Doctoral Program in Chemistry, 2012-present          PhD (projected)                                                              Emory


Jing, Yao                                     ……………….                         Doctoral Program in Chemistry, 2012-present          PhD (projected)                                                              Emory


Prosser, Tony                             ……………….                         Doctoral Program in Chemistry, 2012-present          PhD (projected)                                                              Emory


Jones, Matthew                                                                      Doctoral Program in Chemistry, 2013-present                                      Ph.D. (projected)            Emory


Epplin, Matt                                                                             Doctoral Program in Chemistry, 2014-present                                      Ph.D. (projected)            Emory


















Johnston, Judy (deceased)                                                   Dekalb College

1977-1978                                                                               Organoselenium Chemistry.


Saindane, Manohar                                                                 Sterling-Winthrop

1980-1984                                                                               Organoselenium Chemistry,Diels-Alder Chemistry, Total Synthesis.


Hoekstra, William                                                                    R. W. Johnson Pham. Res. Inst.

1987-1988                                                                               Synthesis of b-Lactamase Inhibitors.


Sunay, Ustun                                                                          Consultant, Emory University

1987-1988, 2003-2011                                                           Synthesis of Potential Anti-Leukemic Agents.



Yeola, Suresh                                                                         Vanderbilt University

1987-1992                                                                               Synthesis of Potential Anti-Leukemic Agents.


Choi, Woo-Baeg                                                                      F.O.B. Synthesis, Atlanta

1989-1991                                                                               Antiviral Synthesis


Soria, Jose                                                                              Emory University, Lecturer

1990-1995                                                                               Synthesis of Potential Antiviral Agents


Hoong, Lee                                                                             AtheroGenics, Inc.

1990-1995                                                                               Synthesis of Potential Antiviral Agents


Lagu, Bharat                                                                           Synaptic Pharmaceutical

1991-1994                                                                               Corporation

Synthesis of Protein Kinase C Inhibitors


Nevins, Neysa                                                                        Glaxo-SmithKline, Philadelphia

1994-1999                                                                               Molecular Modeling


Sisti, Nicholas                                                                         SmithKline Beecham

1992-1993                                                                               Pharmaceuticals

Synthesis of Potential Antiviral Agents


El-Kattan, Yahya                                                                     University of South Alabama

1992-1994                                                                               Synthesis of Chemical Sensitizers for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy


Wilson, Timothy                                                                      Ciba-Geigy

1993-1995                                                                               Synthesis of Taxol Analogues



Wey, Shiowiyi                                                                          NitroMed, Inc.

1993-1997                                                                               Synthesis of Antiviral Nucleosides


Alexander, Christopher                                                           College of Charleston

1993-1995                                                                               Sphingolipid analogue synthesis


Bushnev, Anatoliy                                                                   Emory University

1995-present                                                                          Sphingolipid analogue synthesis


Beall (Keffer), Jennifer                                                            New Jersey



Kasdorf, Krista                                                                        Florida



Swiss, Kevin                                                                           Connecticut



Venkatesan, Hari                                                                    Johnson & Johnson, La Jolla, CA

1995-2000                                                                               Research Chemist


Zhang, Dawei                                                                          Alanex Corporation



Martin Bouygues                                                                     FOB Synthesis



Joubert, Muriel                                                                        Returned to France



Sun, Aiming                                                                             Emory University

2001-2005, 2011-2014                                                           EIDD


Altas, Yesim                                                                            Altiris



Yu, Xiaochun                                                                           Returned to China



Saen-oon, Suwipa



Rheinecker, Jaime



Chris van der Westhuyzen



Patrick Demana




Pieter Burger

2009-2010, 2013-present


Michael Mckay



Stephen Pelly



Jason Holt



Terry Moore



Huanyu Zhao



Bryan Cox



Alexandra Orchard



Gary Brandt




Madhari Dasari

Michelle Kim




Edgars Jec



Robert Wilson



Chris Butch



Eric Miller




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