Kectil Generation: Leadership In Action Campaign

Greetings Kectil Colleagues!

We are pleased to announce our Kectil Generation: Leadership In Action Campaign! The Kectil Generation is all about being the catalyst for positive change. We want to see you seize the moment and take action!

To participate in this campaign, do the following:
1. Post a photo or video of you taking action as a leader, no matter how big or small on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).
2. In your caption, write one paragraph about what you are doing, where you are in your leadership journey and what leadership means to you.
3. Use the hashtags #Kectil #KectilGeneration #LeadershipInAction #GoLead
Also feel free to tag our pages!

This will end on March 31st. Some of you will be featured on our social media and website, because we want to share your stories!
To learn more about the Kectil Generation check out: