Kectil Webinar 3

The Kectil Program is excited to host the third webinar in our Male-Child Initiative on March 13th at 8:30AM.

In the first webinar, we looked at how the males are highly exposed to mental health challenges and ways to overcome the diverse effects that this could have on them, it turned out beyond our expectations. We also covered the lack of positive role models in society who are meant to play a key role in guiding males to attain their greatest potential as they meet their civic responsibilities in the second webinars. What is more interesting is that this will be a webinar for BOTH GENDERS so they can exchange their views!

: 1. Introduction by Host, Daniel Ochieng – COO of The Kectil Program 2. Open interactions 3. Closing remarks

: 8:30AM EST, March 13th, 2021

: on Zoom platform Link to join will be sent to people who registered via the link below.

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Stay tuned as there will be more webinars following!

With all of the attention on female empowerment, the male-child has become neglected and ignored. This issue is even worse in poor or underdeveloped areas. They lack positive role models, and in some societies, boy/male children are taught that they have to take advantage of a girl to become a man. This is an extremely damaging culture that teaches males to hurt females and can destroy the girl’s life (which is why Kectil has the 2000 Males Promise Leaders Campaign related to this new initiative). The Kectil Generation will be taking the lead globally and locally to support, train, and nurture our boys/males to be the best they can be. By doing this, we raise society to its best. Get involve