Tips from Kectil Intern Nateica ‘Sheri’ Garraway (Guyana)

Greetings 2020 Kectil Colleagues,

First off, congratulations on your acceptance into the program! I know it will be an insightful year of growth for you and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Back in 2018 I too was a Kectil Colleague! I then stayed on as a 2019 Mentor, and now I am assisting as a Kectil Intern for the 2020 program.

My name is Nateica Garraway, but I’m fondly known as ‘Sheri’ and I hail from Guyana, a country which is geographically South America, but is culturally Caribbean. Fun fact: Guyana is the only English-speaking country in the entire South America! I grew up in a single parent household, hold a B.Sc. in General Biology and have several Youth Leadership Training Certificates. I’m an SRHR advocate (which means Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) with the SRHR Adventures grassroots organization, which has a special focus on the promotion of family planning and the use of contraceptives.

Youth Development, Life Coaching, Entrepreneurship and Blogging (check out FB: Sheri’s Insights/ are some of my key interests. 

Now to get you settled in I’d like to encourage you with the following tips to make the best out of the Kectil Program.

Have an open mind! 

It’s always best to be open to learning! You’re now in a program with fellow colleagues from varying parts of the world, bringing their unique culture, experiences and perspectives. So just be open to learning from each other, even if different views are shared, have constructive discussions with each other and even apply it to your monthly assignments, which brings me to #2. 

Focus on Assignments! 

Assignments are the meat of this program, so it is of utmost importance that it’s completed to the best of your ability. Put some effort into it, use critical thinking and aim to submit on time! It may help to prioritize the tasks you have, scheduling them so each gets your attention with attached deadlines. You will learn that self-discipline is key to successfully completing this program. 


As stated earlier you’re now connected to other awesome youth from across the globe, take the time to network and make new connections! You never know what the outcome may be, it could be collaborations for a cause or a lasting friendship. 

It’s always good to learn new cultures and share yours as well, so do network away! 

Be Respectful! 

It’s very important that you respect everyone’s opinion and the rules of the Kectil Program, as this will reflect good on your character as a young leader.

Be respectful of everyone’s culture, religion, views, etc. even if yours differ, please do not discriminate. And finally tip #5. 

Enjoy your growth and have fun!

I encourage you not to wait until the end of the program to have fun, but rather celebrate and enjoy every small win, every assignment submitted on time, every new connection! Just own your title as a Kectil 2020 Colleague, you have what it takes to successfully complete the program but don’t wait for the certificate of completion to feel good about yourself, feel good now, have fun and enjoy your growth. 

Happy learning! Love and Light! 
Ms. Nateica Garraway 

Young Leader of Guyana

Ministry of the Presidency

Department of Youth: Youth Leadership Training 

2018 Excellent Performer Kectil Colleague

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