Letter from Abiha

Dear People of Kenya,

I am a Pakistani who understands and shares your wretched fate of corruption and oppressed past. I must start on a bleak note, and pay my respects to the citizens who were murdered in cold blood. The reports of sexual violence were devastating. No words can express how horrible and senseless this was. My prayers are with the victims, their friends and family. The victim’s lives matter and you must remember them for their bravery in the face of cruelty and injustice. We have seen too much bloodshed and must never forget the struggles of our fellows who lose their lives in the fight for freedom.

Yes, I think it’s your chance to gain freedom; freedom from oppression, corruption and perhaps poverty and tribalism. Do not let this opportunity slip by, grasp it!

This is your chance to vote for the right person; the right person to lead the country, not the right person for your tribe and a chance for the international observers to actually observe and be fair. You’ve been blessed, vote wisely and do vote all of you. It is common for some people in our developing countries to not vote, this in a way mean you are letting your countrymen down. So go out and vote!

Let’s talk about the heroes, the surprising Kenya’s Supreme Court. It’s the first time in Africa that a court has nullified the re-election of a sitting leader. I must say that is courageous. Having viewed the facts, and learning from my Kenyan colleagues; I believe that Kenya’s Supreme Court took a groundbreaking decision that could impact the country for generations to come. This action will bring trust for the judiciary among Kenyans and also hope in the accountability as well; considering that the international election observers even thought that elections were fair. The nullification decision raises questions for the international monitors.

The post-election violence led me to think that there must be some reason why the government is trying to suppress its own citizens. Cases of killings and sexual violence were observed. Unfortunately, the savages have no mercy. Oppressors try to take away freedom of speech in order to survive and may stoop to killing members of the opposition just to get their way.

In all honesty, I have huge respect and concern for the justices who must have taken this decision without fearing for their lives and responding to the call of duty. In Pakistan, corruption and electoral rigging is also common, the last elections were contested by opposition for rigging. It takes strong institutions; stronger than powerful corrupt elites and politicians to change history. We recently saw an awakening of our judiciary in Pakistan when our Prime Minister was removed by Pakistan’s Supreme Court from office in a unanimous verdict over corruption allegations.
It’s disappointing and heartbreaking at the same time that we live among such monsters and allow ourselves to be ruled by oppressors; though it’s not our fault, corrupt are the ones to be blamed for all that they do and they must be brought to justice for their actions. I only have hope and prayers for you Kenya.

Yours sincerely,
A Muslim Pakistani