The Kectil Program Collaborates With The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000

Gauteng Tshepo 500,000The Kectil Program is very pleased to announce that it is collaborating with The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 (, which is an employment creation and entrepreneurship development program in Gauteng Province, South Africa.  The organization is charged with the goal to train, provide skills to and mentor 500,000 underprivileged youth through a set of projects aimed at empowering them by giving hope, employability and entrepreneurial skills. “Tshepo” means hope in Sesotho and trust in Setswana. The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 works in townships and other economically challenged areas, providing direction and on the ground support for youth in the Gauteng province that includes Johannesburg and Pretoria. The organization is supported by the provincial government of Gauteng. The Kectil Program and The Gauteng Tshepo 500,000 Program will work together to encourage these youth to participate in The Kectil Program, and to provide further support and mentorship.

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