Developing Countries Youth Leadership Conference

Atlanta, Georgia
July 30-August 5, 2017

The Kectil Program hosted a Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta the first week of August 2017 for a select group of highly qualified youth from least developed and developing countries. The conference included intensive leadership training, an innovation and entrepreneurial workshop, community service training, and meetings with successful leaders in a small group interactive setting. The Conference provided additional instruction over and above the year-long web-based program to Kectil Colleagues who have the greatest potential to be future leaders and who come from communities in most need of passionate and positive youth role models.

A critical aspect of the Conference was to create a youth leadership network of these highly talented individuals who will support and draw from each other after the conference and as they mature and take on various roles in their lives.  Toward that end the Conference include activities that are bonding experiences as well as ample time to discuss key topics facing each of their communities.

The Conference was held on the campus of Emory University. Participants stayed in University dormitory rooms and ate in a cafeteria serviced by the University dining program.