Dr. Alison M. Montgomery

Dr. Alison M. Montgomery is an expert in grant and aid facilitation. She is currently the Associate Director of Human and Community Development at Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Washington DC, a United States government agency designed to provide aid and grants to selected underdeveloped countries. Dr. Montgomery also conducts Qualitative Methods and Human Centered Design trainings and speaking events. She has been a Faculty Advisor, International Relations and Diplomacy Delegation, in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai, China. Dr. Montgomery’s MCC Projects have included the Project Lead, User-Centered Design for Sierra Leone’s Clean Water Kiosk Program; a Researcher, Behavior Change programming in Morocco’s Land and Education sectors; Project Coordinator, Lead Designer and Researcher, “Information asymmetry in the rural Philippines agricultural sector: a Human-centered design approach”; Project Coordinator, “Local Governance Case Studies: Cabo Verde, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mozambique, Rwanda, Philippines, Indonesia” and Lead Researcher, Doctoral dissertation “Negotiating the Spaces of Fair Trade in South Africa’s Wine Industry,” which was funded by the National Science Foundation and Fulbright IIE for work in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.