How to Submit a Successful Kectil Application

Several youth have asked us what we will look for when selecting participants for the 2020 Kectil Program. We want to share with you a few tips on how to shine in your Kectil application so that it will be approved!

  1. The application includes a number of short answer questions. Avoid giving one liner or one-word answers to the questions. We want to learn about you, what makes you special and what you are passionate about!
  2. Think carefully about your answers. Be thoughtful and creative so that your inner self shines through.
  3. Be authentic and genuine. If you have faced challenges, don’t be scared to admit them and how they have affected your life. Everyone has challenges and no one is perfect. Challenges are opportunities for growth.
  4. Take time to submit a quality application. The portal will be open for about 10 weeks.
  5. The portal is designed to allow you to save draft answers until you have finished. However, in the event that you have an IT problem, it is probably best to draft your answers on Word and then paste them into the application. Then you won’t lose an answer you really like!
  6. Remember that the Kectil Code has a requirement to respect all people regardless of nationality, religion, culture and gender.
  7. Do not share your answers or plagiarize.

The portal will open August 15, 2019 EST, will close October 31, 2019.

Apply to the Kectil Program on . You don’t miss out on this wave!