Sherry Knowles will be a featured speaker at the World Intellectual Property Forum in Delhi, India next week!




We are delighted to announce that Sherry M. Knowles, the Founder and Chair of the Kectil Program will be speaking at the 2018 World Intellectual Property Forum on November 14, 2018 in Delhi, India. The World Intellectual Property Forum ( is one of the biggest global events highlighting intellectual property in developing countries. The Kectil Delhi Conference participants will also be registered at the World Intellectual Property Forum along with the hundreds of professional attendees. It will be very interesting training for them to listen to experts speak about a range of topics.  Sherry will be a panelist on a two-hour plenary session on the first day. She will also get the opportunity to give an introduction to the Kectil Program to the hundreds of attendees and will introduce the Kectil Colleagues in attendance. This is exciting for the South Asian youth participating in the Kectil Delhi meeting!