Kectil Code

The Kectil Code is the framework of the Kectil Program. Each participant is required to comply with the Kectil Code.

  • Each participant shall be referred to as a Kectil Colleague and shall treat others as Colleagues.
  • Each Kectil Colleague will give equal respect to every other Kectil Colleague regardless of nationality, religion, culture or gender.
  • Each Kectil Colleague will discuss ideas and contributions of other Kectil Colleagues with positive, collaborative and respectful comments.
  • Each Kectil Colleague will honor the Developing Country Youth Leadership Network by creating positive, lasting bonds with other Kectil Colleagues with the intent to stay connected and positively support each other toward future leadership that adds value to the local and national community.
  • Each Kectil Colleague will carry out all the assignments of the program.
  • Each Kectil Colleague will use best effort to attend each webcast of the program.
  • Kectil Colleagues uphold the honor of the Kectil Program by treating others in his/her community with respect and compassion.
  • Kectil Colleagues will not take non-prescribed drugs or misuse alcohol.
  • If selected to attend the Developing Country Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta, the Kectil Colleague will conduct himself/herself in a manner that is a role model for others and will be an excellent representative of his/her community.