Letter from Emmanuel

Dear Kenyans: The Vice President house was attacked prior to the death Msando. The Vice president, lucky him, was not around with his family. Ordinary […]

Letter from Sanyu

Dear Kenya: I don’t think the external observers played a valuable role in the Kenyan election. They clearly did not consider the whole picture and […]

Letter from Raymond

Dear Kenyans: The Declaration of Conscience   Hello everybody! Thank you so much. Thank you. I want to thank our Nairobi Governor too, Mike Sonko, […]

Letter from Rebecca

Dear Kenyans: In my opinion, the Kenyan elections were neither valid nor credible. Even having received the label of “free and fair” by various election […]

Letter from Ganga

Dear Kenyans: I would like to discuss how Kenya people must go forward and your future. Kenya has a total of 43 tribes and a […]

Letter from Daniel

Dear Kenyans: It is indeed true that the British Empire created a segregated state of Kenya through creation of laws that could be responsible for […]

Letter from Eirene

Dear Kenyans: On 8th of August, 2017, Kenyans I being one of them went out to vote in bid to exercise their democratic and constitutional […]

Letter from Thamsanqa

Dear Good People of Kenya I know that you have been distraught by the recent activities that have taken place in our country over the […]

Letters to Kenya Facts

Kenya is an important country in East Africa. It has astounding beauty, the “Big 5” animals, wonderful artistry, borders Lake Victoria, and has Mt. Kenya. […]