Web-Based Mentoring Program

One Year Web-Based Program Curriculum

The Kectil Web-based Program consists of 12 Sessions, which are grouped into 5 sections:

  1. Introduction and Mission
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Case Studies
  5. Wrap-up and What’s Next?

There will be a pre-assignment for each session which is to be finished and submitted on-line before each session.

1. Introduction and Mission

Session 1.   Kick-Off Call

  • Welcome!
  • Organization of Web-Based Program
  • Responsibilities of Kectil Colleagues
  • What does it mean to be part of the Developing Country Youth Leadership Network?
  • What does it mean to be a leader?
  • Social Media

Session 2.   How Big is Your Dream?

  • Can you really make a difference?
  • Examples of people from Developing Countries who had a dream

2. Leadership

Session 3.        Community Leadership

  • What challenges does your community face?
  • What does your community need?
  • What can you organize to be helpful?
  • Examples of people from Developing Countries who became community leaders

Session 4.        Corporate Leadership

  • Presentations from Executives of Corporations on Group Leadership Skills

Session 5.        Global Leadership

Presentations from Senior Officials in Global Agencies [to be invited]

  1. United Nations as a promoter of international co-operation
  2. World Trade Organization
  3. World Intellectual Property Organization

3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Session 6.        Innovation

  • Innovation Initiatives in Africa
  • Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund [invited]
  • WIPO Re:Search [to be invited]

Session 7.        Entrepreneurship

  • Picking the Right Project
  • Funding your Initiative
  • Executing the Plan
  • Lessons from Entrepreneurs

4. Innovation Case Studies

Session 8.        Biopharmaceutical Research and Development

Session 9.        IT and Software Innovation

Session 10.      Academic Research

Session 11.      Environmental Innovation

5. Concluding Remarks

Session 12.      Wrap-up

  • What is your plan?
  • Sharing your experience with others
  • Becoming a member of the Alumni Network